HP - HP LaserJet Pro M15w


HP LaserJet Pro M15w: a small, efficient monochrome laser printer

Aprox. 88€

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With its low price, its excellent rendering and its great compactness, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is the ideal companion for the self-employed and very small businesses who seek simplicity above all for small volumes of printing.

Positive points

The compact appearance.

Good quality of office work.

Print speeds.

Low standby consumption.

Bad points

High cost per page.

The absence of setbacks on the sheet tray.

Basic functionality.

Limited access to the print drum in the event of a paper jam.

Our review


This is undeniably its strong point: compact and light (346 x 189 x 159 mm for 3.8 kg), the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is quite simply one of the smallest monochrome laser printers on the market. The quality of assembly fits into the big guns of HP, with a white plastic chassis which does not present any defects in finish. Reverse of this compactness, the connection remains spartan: you will just be satisfied with a USB 2.0 Type-B port and a Wi-Fi connection, in the vein of the Brother HL-1212W which sports a similar silhouette, moreover.

Another disappointment, which explains the note of ergonomics: the two parts of insertion and output of the paper are satisfied with the minimum service. The lower tray, in which up to 150 sheets of plain paper (80 g / m²) are inserted, is thus devoid of a flap to block the ream. While the small dimensions of the printer and its wireless connection would be enough to position it on a small table, in all discretion, this placement is not possible because the sheets could thus fall. Especially since the two lugs on either side of the paper pad only have resistance in principle. You are free to invent a makeshift solution, by raising this flap for example, or by avoiding placing the printer at the end of the table. Pity.

The upper tray is more convenient, with a tongue that folds down but extends the printer by almost twenty centimeters.

The printer is controlled from a computer or the HP Smart mobile app. It is immediately recognized and you will have to use the official application to indicate the parameters of your Wi-Fi network. No direct Wi-Fi, therefore, but a simple and quick operation anyway, especially since the properties of the network remains saved in the printer. Sobriety obliges, the M15w does not present a control screen and is satisfied with a button to turn on the printer and activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi connection. Note, it is available in an edition without wireless connectivity, the LaserJet Pro M15a, which is sold for only eight to ten euros less. You might as well take Wi-Fi.

Despite the absence of a scanner, it is possible to scan documents from the HP Print mobile application, using the photo sensor of a smartphone or tablet. Just point to a document and frame the area to be scanned. The items are then stored in the phone before being sent to the printer. Convenient ! You can also check the ink level of the toner through the application.



On the consumption side, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w stands out as a good student. It consumes only 0.8 W in standby mode (automatic after two minutes of inactivity). The wattmeter rises to around 160 W at full speed. It is the Achilles heel of all laser printers, but the HP model is doing much better than the Brother HL-1212W which evolves in the same category, and which gobbles up to 450 W in full work.


Cost per page

The real flaw of the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is actually its cost per page: € 0.051. This is significantly higher than the other monochrome laser printers that we have been able to test so far, whether it is the Ricoh SP112 (€ 0.042 per page) or especially the Brother HL-1212W (€ 0.026 per page). Only the HP 44A toner is compatible with the printer and it does not come in an XXL variant, which could have reduced this high price. You will need to change it every 1000 prints or so. The printer, however, comes with a full toner, not a less full "starter" model.

Cost per page


You have to justify such a cost per page. Fortunately, at this price point, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w has established itself as one of the most powerful monochrome laser printers in terms of printing. Text rendering is particularly fine and sharp, even for the smallest character sizes. The graphics are just as flattering, with very distinct levels of gray and perfectly straight lines, with no problem of convergence.

The M15w delivers 18.2 pages per minute. A real good result, given this level of quality and the very compact format of the printer. No automatic duplex, however, you will have to manually turn the sheets.



As compact as it is affordable, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is a simple and efficient printer, which is particularly suitable for the self-employed and VSEs who print a moderate volume of black and white pages. It offers excellent rendering in office work, with crisp and fine documents, while being rather fast and moderately energy-hungry. Only downside, its high cost per page reserves it for rather ad hoc uses.