Canon - Canon Pixma TS6350


Canon Pixma TS6350: a good multifunction printer with a neat design

Aprox. 109€

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The Canon Pixma TS6350 relies on its print quality to establish itself in the very competitive market for consumer multifunction inkjet printers. It nevertheless makes a concession of size at the level of its small screen.

Positive points

Neat design.

Good print quality.

Bad points

Screen too small which makes navigation laborious.

Low black and white print speeds.

Frequent cleaning of the printheads can increase ink consumption per page when used occasionally.

Our review


Positioned between the TS5350 and the TS8350, the Canon Pixma TS6350 offers a revised design compared to the TS6150 which it is intended to replace. At the recommended price of € 109.99, this multifunction inkjet printer promises to be good for everything, which we did not fail to check.


An event in the Pixma range, the TS6350 inaugurates a new design, sleek and pleasant to look at. The printer is relatively compact (37.3 x 31.9 x 14.1 cm) and the front cassette, with a capacity of 100 sheets, does not exceed even when loaded with A4 paper.

Like the TS8350, the TS6350 is equipped with a second paper receptacle at the rear, with a capacity of 20 sheets, and a motorized paper receptacle. A door at the back of the printer provides access to the paper in the event of a jam.

Where the rub is, it is at the level of the non-tilting and non-touch 1.44 ”OLED screen (3.6 cm diagonal) which the Pixma TS6350 is content with. Taken from the TS5350, it is far too small to offer easy navigation. Surprisingly, the TS6050 and TS6150 were equipped with a 3 ”touch screen (7.5 cm diagonal), more practical in use. To help the user, the Pixma TS6350 is able to send him back to his online manual, via a QR code system.

The Pixma TS6350 makes a clean sweep of the past and does not offer an SD card reader, a USB host port or an RJ45 port. A USB-B port remains on display to connect the printer to a computer while it will obviously be possible to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network, or to print using Wi-Fi Direct.

Despite a screen that is too small, the first use of the TS6350 remains simple with the help of the Canon Print application. From a smartphone, for example, you can enter the password for the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect the printer.


The Pixma TS6350 requires 1.3 W in standby, for around 21 W in printing and is therefore quite sober. It is nonetheless heard with spikes raised to 55 dB, 1 m from the printer. Fortunately, a Silent mode is offered and allows the printer to stabilize at around 42 dB, but peaks at 50 dB are still heard and the printing times are extended. In photo printing, the Pixma TS6350 also stabilizes at around 42 dB, with peaks at 50 dB, which is tolerable in the case of family use.

Cost per page

The Pixma TS6350 uses 5 Canon PGI / CLI 580/581 cartridges. We have calculated a cost per page at 13 cents (0.13 €) based on the current prices of these XXL cartridges. In black and white only, the cost of printing is 4 cents per page (€ 0.04). Please note: frequent cleaning of the printheads can increase this balance in the event of occasional use.

Scanner and copies

Equipped with a scanner with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, with 16-bit sampling, the Pixma TS6350 takes only 9 seconds to archive an A4 document in 100 dpi and 10 seconds for a 10 x 15 cm photo in 300 dpi. The fidelity of the scans is convincing.

Copies require a little more time: 12 seconds for an A4 document in black and white and 16 seconds for a color document.


In photos, the Pixma TS6350 is close to 5 stars. Print quality and fidelity are there, as evidenced by the average Delta E measured at 4.9 - the colors printed are not too far from those of the original photograph. It takes 39 seconds to print a photo in 10 x 15 cm format and 1 min 2 s for a photo in A4 format.


If the Pixma TS6350 is fast enough when it comes to outputting pages in color (12.2 pages printed per minute), it sees its black and white prints interrupted by pauses to let the ink dry all 2 or 3 pages. Result, it prints only 6 pages per minute in this exercise and 4 pages per minute in automatic duplex mode. Worse, this speed drops below 4 pages per minute in silent mode.

The rendering of prints is good, but the Pixma TS6350 will not be prescribed in case of intensive use because of its printing times in black and white.


Despite a small screen that penalizes its ergonomics, the Canon Pixma TS6350 remains generally convincing thanks to good printing and scanning performance. Nevertheless, it does not quite manage to justify the price difference that separates it from its little sister, the TS5350.