Canon - Canon Pixma TS8350


Canon Pixma TS8350: the ultimate multifunction inkjet printer

Aprox. 159€

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Standard bearer of the Pixma range, the TS8350 incorporates all of Canon's know-how in the field of consumer printers. It therefore aims to be faultless and wants to become a reference in more ways than one.

Positive points

Compact when the shutters are closed.

Easy handling.

Excellent print quality.

Bad points

Low black and white print speeds.

Frequent cleaning of the printheads can increase ink consumption when used occasionally.

Our review


The Canon Pixma TS8350 is a multifunction inkjet printer that succeeds the Pixma TS8250 rated 5 stars on Sold when it came out at the recommended price of € 189.99, it stands as the standard bearer for the Pixma range.



If it was possible to differentiate the TS8250 from the TS8150 by slight aesthetic evolutions, the TS8350 takes up line by line the design of its predecessor. We thus find a compact printer (closed shutters: 37.3 x 31.9 x 14.1 cm) with satisfactory finishes, even if some plastics denote a little by their lightness. To print on A4 paper, however, you will need to pull out the front cassette or unfold the rear tray. In addition, the front panel must be unfolded to let the paper out, via a motorized receptacle which once again increases the space required to use the printer.

The controls are simple since the single button is used to turn the printer on and off. For the rest, you will have to go through a bright 10.8 cm LCD touch screen, which offers clear and efficient navigation.

On the connection side, there is an SD card reader on the front, as well as a USB Type-B port on the back of the printer. It is also possible to print by connecting the TS8350 to a Wi-Fi network, or directly by direct Wi-Fi. However, it has no Ethernet port.



Power consumption is the first point differentiating the Pixma TS8350 from its ancestor, the TS8250. However, it is clear that this difference goes in favor of the previous model which was more economical. The TS8350 consumes around 2 W in standby, compared to 1 W previously, and 20 W in printing, which remains entirely acceptable.

In terms of noise pollution, the news does as well as the TS8250 it replaces. Thus, positioned 1 m from the Canon Pixma TS8350, we noted peaks at 41 dB and 53 dB, respectively in photo printing and during the printing of a document of several pages. It is therefore quite silent and will not be noticed too much to be used in an open space for example.


Cost per page

The Pixma TS8350 remains faithful to the 6 Canon PGI / CLI 580/581 cartridges. Based on the current prices of these XXL format cartridges, we have calculated a cost per page amounting to 13.3 euro cents (€ 0.133). By printing in black and white, it will be possible to limit the cost of printing to 4 cents per page (€ 0.04). Frequent cleaning of the printheads could increase this balance in the event of occasional use.

Cost per page

Scanner and copies

The Pixma TS8350 takes 10 seconds to scan an A4 document at 100 dpi and 15 seconds for a 10 x 15 cm photo at 300 dpi. Regarding copies, it takes 12 seconds to copy an A4 document in black and white and 15 seconds for a color document. The photocopies are quite usable and the restitution rather faithful.


If there is one area where the Pixma TS8350 excels, it is that of the photo. In addition to an improved printing speed - with only 30 seconds to print a photo in 10 x 15 cm format and 1 min 5 s for an A4 format - the TS8350 impresses with its print quality. Its delta E, which stands at 5 according to our measurements, moreover testifies to a well controlled colorimetric drift.


The Pixma TS8350 delivers good color printing throughput, with 12.2 pages printed per minute. However, it only prints 6.1 pages per minute in black and white, the fault of the breaks that the printer takes to let the ink dry every 2 or 3 pages. In duplex, this print speed increases to 4 pages per minute.

If the Pixma TS8350 does not impress with its print speeds, it offers a reproduction of very good quality.


The Canon Pixma TS8350 is convincing and marks a slight evolution compared to the TS8250, especially in its field of predilection, photography. However, the additional cost announced compared to its predecessor still on the market does not seem entirely justified and adds to an already high cost per page. Fortunately, some resellers already offer the TS8350 at a price barely higher than that of the TS8250.