Canon - Canon Pixma TS3350


Canon Pixma TS3350: a lowcost multifunction printer that ensures the minimum

Aprox. 49€

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With its very low price, the Canon Pixma TS3350 wants to make a place for itself in the entry-level multifunction printer market. However, it ignores some functions reserved for models of higher ranges.

Positive points

Compact design.

Easy to use.

Bad points

Rudimentary control panel.

No automatic two-sided mode.

Significant noise pollution.

Unfortunate limits in photo.

Frequent cleaning of the printheads can increase ink consumption per page when used occasionally.

Our review


The Pixma TS3350 is the entry level product for Canon consumer inkjet printers. In this regard, it is placed under the TS5350 and replaces the TS3150 rated 3 stars on



Compact and discreet, the Pixma TS3350 will not be noticed. It takes up line by line the design of the TS3150 and its dimensions are therefore identical (43.5 x 31.6 x 14.5 mm). Its pricing positioning does not deceive (around fifty euros at the time of writing these lines), but it remains fairly well constructed.

The rear tray, with a capacity of 60 sheets, is the TS3350's only paper source. Unlike other printers in the Pixma range, it does not have a hatch allowing access to the mechanism in the event of a paper jam.

The Pixma TS3350's control panel has a small, monochrome 3.8 cm diagonal LCD display. In use, the main functions of the TS3350 remain easily accessible, but it must be said that they are quite limited: no silent mode or automatic double-sided and other small functions (mode sheets with tiles, printing of coloring pages. ..) . Fortunately, the printer has a Wi-Fi connection that has become essential even at entry level. Otherwise, its connection is very limited since no USB host port or SD port is present - impossible to connect to USB key or a memory card to print documents or photos for example.



With around 7 W drawn in photo printing and 0.6 W requested in standby, the Canon Pixma TS3350 is very low in electricity.

On the side of noise pollution, the picture is clearly darkened. Indeed, positioned one meter from the printer, our sound level meter noted peaks at 66 dB when printing a document - we will avoid printing during baby's nap. In photo printing, the TS3350 does all the same better by stabilizing at around 45 dB.


Cost per page

The Pixma TS3350 remains faithful to the two cartridges PG-545 (black) and CL-546 (color) used by the TS3150 and therefore requires replacement of the latter as soon as a color is used up. It will be necessary to use these references in XL format (autonomy of 400 pages in black and white and 300 pages in color) to obtain a lower cost per page, which we calculated at 13 euro cents (0.13 €). It drops to 5 cents per page (€ 0.05) in black and white printing. Please note: frequent cleaning of the printheads can increase this balance in the event of occasional use.

Scanner and copies

The Pixma TS3350 has a flatbed scanner with a maximum resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi with 16-bit sampling. It takes 9 seconds to scan a 10 x 15 cm color photo at 300 dpi and 13 seconds to archive an A4 document at 100 dpi. The results are satisfactory without shining. To copy a document in black and white, you will have to wait 12 seconds. This time climbs to 21 seconds to do the same in color.


In photos, the Pixma TS3350 retains one of the main faults of its predecessor, the TS3150, namely that it cannot print A4 photos without borders. We were also unable to print an A4 photo with the “Extra Glossy Photo Paper II” setting. The tests for this part were therefore carried out with the type of paper set to “Plain paper”, in “High” quality.

The refunds remain fairly good, but we still measured a significant color drift, with an average delta E of 9.8. In addition clear: the printed colors are quite far from those of the original photograph.


Surprisingly, the TS3350 is the Pixma printer that prints black and white the fastest. Indeed, it does not share the fault of its big sisters who tend to pause the printing phases to let the ink dry. As a result, the TS3350 is capable of outputting around 12 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white and 6.5 ppm in color. However, it ignores the automatic two-sided mode. Fortunately, the quality of the prints is there.


The Canon Pixma TS3350 fulfills the functions of a troubleshooting printer quite well (beware, however, of the cost per page which may increase in the event of occasional use). Conversely, in the case of more regular use, it is better to invest a few tens of euros more. The big sister TS5350 also answers most of the criticisms that we address to the TS3350.