Canon - Canon Pixma GM2050


Canon Pixma MegaTank GM2050: a printer without cartridge very economical in use

Aprox. 244€

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The Pixma GM2050 is part of the MegaTank range from Canon. It is a monochrome inkjet printer that uses an ink tank and not an expensive cartridge, which allows it to advertise a ridiculous cost per page.

Positive points

Good print quality.

Exceptional cost per page (€ 0.003).

Large capacity paper cassette (250 sheets).

Bad points

Imposing template.

Low print speeds.

Rudimentary control panel.

Our review

The essential to remember

The Canon Pixma GM2050 is a monochrome printer without cartridge, similar to the Pixma GM4050. It differs from it by abandoning its scanner and document feeder, but also its small screen. For the rest, it is similar to the rest of the range and in particular to the G6050 multifunction color printer tested on

The Pixma GM2050 therefore retains the many qualities of the GM4050, such as its very low cost per page (0.3 euro cents). It's even better than a laser printer, but its print speeds are not comparable (we noted about 7 pages per minute (ppm), and 4 ppm in automatic duplex mode during our test of the G6050). These relatively low speeds are tolerable for the color printers of the range, which manage to compensate for this defect by offering good quality photo printing - an area where laser printers are struggling to compete. Not taking advantage of this quality, the GM2050 will have to face competition from this technology. Otherwise, although less tall than the GM4050 (16.6 cm high versus 19.5 cm), the GM2050 remains impressive and its control panel, already rudimentary, loses its small screen here. This defect should however be qualified, since in the absence of copy functions, interactions with the control panel should be less frequent. Only the configuration of the printer may be tedious.

The essential to remember


Like the Pixma G6050 and other printers in the range, the GM2050 benefits from many qualities, such as its ridiculous cost per page. We regret, however, a control panel that stains in view of its high price. The investment in a GM2050 can nevertheless be quickly amortized compared to a conventional inkjet and its healthier economic model should appeal to those who are in their umpteenth cartridge printer. Surprisingly, Canon launches the GM2050 at the same price as the G5050 color printer, which benefits as a bonus from a small screen.