HP - HP LaserJet Pro M203dw


HP LaserJet Pro M203dw: it does little, but it does it well

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The HP LaserJet Pro 203dw is a single-function laser printer sold for around € 180. It does not reinvent the wheel, but does pretty well what is expected of it and proves capable of printing large volumes of pages.

Positive points

Well finished product.


Good print quality.

Simple but effective.

Bad points

Quite bulky.

Summary handling.

No application or compatibility with Cloud printing services.

Our review


On the model of the Canon i-SENSYS LBP151dw, this LaserJet Pro M203dw does not make much effort to limit its size. The result is a rather bulky block of 370 x 407 x 223 mm for 6.9 kg.

Positioned at a fairly high price given its limited functionality, it nevertheless benefits from serious manufacturing, making use of good quality plastics and demonstrating particular care given to assembly.

Like most models of this kind, this M203dw is extremely simple to understand. It is therefore its very positioning (professional orientation) which deprives it of additional stars in ergonomics, even if it is a product quite honorable in its category.

In addition to the receptacle for printed sheets which is on the top, there is a double paper tray on the front which has the good taste of making a small window appear, allowing you to know at a glance where we are at. loading.

With a capacity of 250 pages, it is supplemented by a secondary tray with a capacity of 10 pages which makes it possible to have a second format of paper available permanently (typically, envelopes).

The control panel is extremely sleek, since there are only a few buttons to cancel a task, restart a print or activate / deactivate Wi-Fi. Note also that the printer can be connected USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and that it offers Wi-Fi Direct to allow printing from mobile devices with ease.

Finally, there is a hatch at the rear of the printer which allows you to intervene in the event of a paper jam.



Like all laser printers, the LaserJet Pro M203dw consumes a lot of power during print jobs, raising our power meter to 510 watts. However, it quickly goes to sleep and then consumes only 1.6 watts. Sleep mode from which it has the advantage of getting out very quickly.

It narrowly won its third star in this category which also includes noise pollution. Indeed, we measure 54 dB at the sound level meter when printing a document of several pages, which is quite good.


Cost per page

Supplied with 1,000 page starter toner, the HP M203dw works with HP 30A toners which, for around € 65, can print around 1,600 pages, giving a cost per page of 4.1 cents euro. But the most interesting is to opt for a high capacity toner, the HP 30X, which offers, for around € 100, a range of 3,500 pages. The cost per page thus drops to 2.9 euro cents. For a laser printer like this, it's a very reasonable cost per page. One of the strong points of the product.

Cost per page


Without too many surprises, the print quality offered in office automation by the LaserJet Pro M203dw from HP is good. Whether on the graphics or text side, the rendering is very clean. Even with colored backgrounds, the prints remain perfectly legible. By switching from FastRes mode to ProRes mode, which allows you to increase the print resolution, you will appreciate further improved sharpness and better management of contrasts. And in addition, we lose almost nothing in speed.

Speaking of speed, the M203dw reaches 30 pages per minute in its official specifications. In our tests, it is not far, climbing to 28.6 pages / minute. This model is therefore quite fast in practice.



A good single-function laser printer, the LaserJet Pro M203dw will appeal to those who print a lot and rely more on efficiency than on advanced functions.