Canon - Canon Pixma TS8150


Canon Pixma TS8150: the 5-star multifunction inkjet printer

Aprox. 129€

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The Canon Pixma TS8150 is an update to the excellent TS8050 launched last year; the only modification concerns the ink cartridges used.

Positive points

Compact printer.

Well finished.

Quite silent.

Low energy.

Easy handling thanks to the large touch screen.

Excellent overall print quality.

Bad points

Could be faster in black and white.

Frequent cleaning of the print heads.

Our review


We will therefore quickly pass over certain aspects of this product, to focus on the - minute - impact of this change. We obviously invite you to consult the full test of the TS8050 for more details.


Very compact for a 3-in-1 inkjet printer (37.2 x 32.4 x 13.9 cm when all its shutters are closed), the Pixma TS8150 benefits from a top design and manufacturing range.

Thanks to its large 10.8 cm color touch screen, it is particularly simple to handle on a daily basis and offers many printing options, whether via its USB connector, the SD card reader or the Wi-Fi connectivity (Wi-Fi Direct compatible for smartphones and tablets).

Most of the functions of this printer can also be controlled via the Canon Print application and you can connect to the main Cloud printing services on the market, in addition to the essential social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

The only regret, compared to previous generations of Pixma MG, concerns the removal of one of the two paper cassettes on the front, replaced by a rear feeder which, once unfolded, makes the printer lose its compactness. The main paper tray holds up to 100 ordinary A4 sheets (80 g / m²).


Of course, changing cartridges does not change the power consumption of the printer, which is always under control (0.8 W in standby; 19 W in A4 photo printing). No significant change either regarding peak noise pollution, measured at 52 dB in standard printing and 39.8 dB in photo printing. This is acceptable, even more if you activate the "Silent" mode which reduces these emissions at the cost of slightly lower print speeds.

Cost per page

Exit the Canon 570/571 series cartridges: the Pixma TS8150 adopts, like the TS6150, Canon PGI and CLI 580 and 581 cartridges. More recent and very slightly more expensive, they increase the average cost per page calculated on the cartridge base in XXL format at 10.1 euro cents (€ 0.101), compared to 9.7 euro cents (€ 0.097) on the TS8050. A difference of 0.4 euro cents which does not change much in the end, the TS8150 being right in the middle of the cost price in ink of this kind of printers. Note however, the cost per page in black and white, it is reduced from 3 to 2.8 cents on this new reference.

Scanner and copies

Not much to say about the "scanner" and "copy" functions of the Pixma TS8150. It ensures them brilliantly by being rather quick: 10 seconds to scan a document at 100 dpi; 13 s to archive a photo at 300 pp; 11 s to copy a document in black and white and 13 s to copy a page in color. All with more than honest quality results.


The Pixma TS8150 took 31 s to print a 10 x 15 cm photo and 1 min 3 s to do the same with an A4 photo. In comparison, the TS8050 required 33 s and 1 min 9 s respectively to perform the same tasks. We therefore remain on almost unchanged flow rates, which is completely logical.

What interests us here is mainly the rendering, and in particular the colorimetry that we were eager to measure to assess the possible consequences of changing the reference of ink cartridges. Conclusion, the TS8150 is still very faithful, the pictures it prints being among the very best on the market. Better, the delta E recorded with the probe (which reflects the colorimetric drift) shows that the TS8150 produces colors even more faithful than the TS8050: previously at 5, it drops here to 4.7 (knowing that the human eye is capable to perceive a difference in color as long as it is greater than 3).

Overall, the photo rendering therefore remains excellent, which also applies to the precision of the photographs (the printer works with ink drops of one picoliter only).


In office automation, no good or bad surprise. The Pixma TS8150 is timed at 13.3 pages per minute (ppm) in color, 6.1 ppm in black and white and 4.1 ppm in duplex. It is always better than what we measured on the TS8050 (in order, 8, 5.7 and 3.4 ppm), without it making a huge difference in the end in the daily use of the product.

The biggest drawback of this printer is always, in black and white, to impose an ink drying time, in order to avoid any ink streak and other blotting effects on the back of the printed sheets. An evil for a good therefore, which ultimately penalizes little a product thought for versatility and family use.


Without the slightest surprise, this minimal evolution of the excellent Pixma TS8050 remains a sure bet, especially in photo, area in which the Canon Pixma TS8150 produces impressive results. A versatile printer ideal for the home.