Canon - Canon Pixma TS6150


Canon Pixma TS6150: the 3-in-1 inkjet printer that confirms its excellence

Aprox. 140€

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After having completely renewed its range of Pixma inkjet printers last year, Canon only a few months ago updated its models with very few changes. The Pixma TS6150 is therefore an almost exact copy of the TS6050; the only modification concerns the set of cartridges used, which has an impact - minimal - on colorimetry and cost per page. Consequently, certain parts of this test will be abbreviated; we invite you to consult the complete test of the TS6050 for more details on these points.

Positive points

Compact size.

Quality finishes.

Good ergonomics.

Excellent print quality.

Low noise and low energy.

Bad points

No SD card reader.

Limited flows in black and white.

Frequent cleaning of the print heads.

Our review


Compact design, 7.5 cm diagonal color touch screen, paper cassette with a capacity of 100 sheets at the front, rear feeder for photo paper and foldable receptacle by hand to accommodate printed pages: the Pixma TS6150 Canon takes all the elements that made the success of its predecessor, the TS6050.

Too bad Canon reserves the memory card reader for the higher model. The configuration could not be simpler, knowing that Wi-Fi is compatible with the Wi-Fi Direct function and that the main Cloud printing services are supported.



No surprise in terms of power consumption, measured at just 0.7 W in standby and 15 W in full A4 photo printing work. The TS6150 is also rather sober in terms of noise pollution, with only 41 dB measured on the sound level meter about 1 m from the printer in the photo.

Printing a document of several pages causes more noise with each page loading, since our sound level meter then climbs to 54 dB. However, it is much better than what we see on older Canon printer series. Note: by activating the silent mode, it is possible to limit these nuisances in office automation to 50 dB.


Cost per page

The cost per page changes a little between the Pixma TS6050 and TS6150, which swaps the Canon 570 and 571 reference cartridges for a set of Canon 580 and 581 cartridges. As always, it is in their larger capacity than these cartridges offer the best cost per page, here the XXL format.

In black and white, the cost per page displayed by the TS6150 decreases (2.8 euro cents - 0.028 €) compared to that of the TS6050 (3 euro cents). This is not the case in color, where it goes from 9.3 to 9.6 euro cents (€ 0.096). A tiny difference.

Cost per page

Scanner and copies

No change to report in the behavior of the flat scanner of the TS6150 which, fast and efficient, serves as the basis for a good copier function.

Scanner and copies


Like the TS6050, the Pixma TS6150 takes 43 seconds to print a photo in 10 x 15 cm format and almost 1:40 to print a photo in A4 format. Now is the moment of truth for Canon 580 cartridges. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese manufacturer is once again demonstrating its know-how in this area.

The photo rendering is simply excellent, the best you can get from a consumer inkjet printer in this price range. The colorimetric drift measured with the probe goes up a hair, with a delta E which passes from 4.9 to 5.2, which in the end makes almost no difference with the naked eye.


The only important thing to note about Canon Pixma in office automation is that they regularly impose a drying time between two pages during the printing of documents of several pages, in black and white only. If this ensures printed pages without blotting effect and without ink stains, this has the effect of reducing their printing rate: here by 6.1 pages per minute (ppm).

The Pixma TS6150 is otherwise timed at 3.2 ppm in automatic duplexing and at 12.5 ppm in color. The rendering of texts, tables and graphics is very good, contrasting and precise.


In the Pixma range, the TS6150 is the most popular model from Canon and it is easy to understand, as it excels in different fields, starting with photo rendering - simply the best for an inkjet printer in this category of price. Note that this model is a quasi-clone of the TS6050 and that the change of ink cartridges has almost no impact.