Canon - Canon Pixma MG5750


Canon Pixma MG5750: a versatile multifunction printer

Aprox. 208€

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The Canon Pixma MG5750 is an all-in-one inkjet printer that offers a scanner / copier function and a Wi-Fi module for wireless printing. After a very convincing but disappointing MG5650 in office automation, what will this new model give?

Positive points

Exemplary photo quality.

Low cost per page.

Quality office printing.

Good color printing speed.

Scanner and copier responsiveness.

Bad points

Small non-touch screen.

Poorly located navigation buttons.

Low speed for black & white printing.

Quite noisy.

Our review


The Pixma MG5750 takes over from the MG5650, which was itself an update of the MG5550. We therefore find a very similar and quite bulky design (455 x 369 x 148 mm) for a weight of just over 6 kg. It therefore does not really go unnoticed, but in return benefits from a careful design and finish. The 5 cartridges are easily accessible from the front, while the paper tray looks solid and well fixed. Installing the drivers may take a little while, especially if you choose to install the optional Canon application battery. In this case, allow 15 minutes before you can take out your first pages.

We also regret the lack of touch on the screen, especially since the buttons to navigate the menus are badly thought out. The cross on the right side is ultimately not very useful and we spend our time going back to the three buttons below the display. The screen size (only 6.2 cm) can also be problematic, even if the readability remains good.



The Pixma MG5750 has the same printing speed defect as its predecessors: a very low black & white speed due to regular printing interruptions to ensure the drying of the ink between each page. The speed stagnates suddenly at 5.6 pages / minute, which is very little compared to a Brother DCP-J562DW, for example, which goes up to 15.6 pages / minute.

The print quality is however there: the flat areas are clean, the horizontal and vertical lines stand out well, but the grain remains fairly visible.


Scanner and copies

The scanner integrated into the Canon Pixma MG5750 scans up to 1200 dpi. Its speed is in the good average, since it scans a color page in 15 seconds (100 dpi), and 20 s for a photo in 10 x 15 format (300 dpi).

When copying, allow 15 seconds for a black and white page and 118 seconds for color. Very correct figures, at least a little above the average for this type of product. The quality of the copy is quite good, but we lose some sharpness.

Scanner and copies


Previous Pixma cameras have been very effective in photo printing and this MG5750 model is no exception to tradition. The prints are of excellent quality and the colorimetry remains very good (average delta E at 4.4).

The printing speed is also there: 1 min 34 s for a photo in A4 format and 37 s for a photo in 10 x 15 format.


Consumption and noise

The Pixma MG5750 consumes very little: 0.5 W in standby and 15 W during photo printing in A4 format. It is even a little less than on the model of last year, which rose to 17 W in printing and 1.3 W in standby.

The noise in printing is however always quite high. We measured an average of 48 dB, the same as on the MG5650.

Cost per page

Pixma printers have been offering a fairly low cost per page for quite some time, which can be found on this model. Canon thus offers cartridges in XL format which have the advantage of lasting much longer than "conventional" cartridges (500 pages for black or 645 pages for yellow). This leads to a cost per page of 8.8 cents, which is below our average of 9.3 cents.


The Pixma MG5750 multifunction printer takes on the MG5650 with talent. We thus benefit from a very good quality for photo prints, quality office printing, and a fairly low cost per page. Some faults remain, however, such as navigation in the menus, far from being intuitive, or a surprisingly slow black & white printing speed.