Canon - Canon Pixma TS5350


Canon Pixma TS5350: an easy to use and photo-capable printer

Aprox. 77€

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Given its qualities and its price, the Pixma TS5350 is likely to establish itself as the most popular model of Canon in this 2019 back-to-school period.

Positive points

General print quality.

Quite silent, energy efficient.

Easy to use.

Bad points

Non-touch screen too small.

Flow in black and white.

Frequent cleaning of the print heads.

Our review


The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a multifunction inkjet printer. Equipped with a scanner, it is also capable of copying and scanning documents. Installed in the middle of the range, it relies on its accessibility - both in terms of price and ease of use - to improve the recipe for the already very good Pixma TS5150 that it aims to replace. Its launch price is € 79.99.



Canon here renews a design that we appreciate for its compactness and practicality. Only thing to know, the Pixma TS5350 is - like all the models in the range - more bulky when you unfold the rear paper loading module (20 sheets), that you pull the lower cassette (100 sheets) in A4 and put the front receptacle in place.

From a cosmetic point of view, Canon has made some efforts and the TS5350 appears to be more worked than the TS5150. This is particularly the case with its orientable control panel with a slightly more refined design, the small Oled display and the LED light strip informing us of the progress of the print jobs.

In terms of handling, the Pixma TS5350 focuses on simplicity. Extremely simple to configure on its Wi-Fi network (or Wi-Fi Direct) by following the instructions in the Canon Print mobile application, it can display QR Codes on its small square screen, automatically sending us to pages of help in case of problems .

If the high contrast of this Oled screen is supposed to bring better visibility to the menus, it is however far too small to be sufficiently effective. Fortunately, the application (on mobile) or the drivers (on computer) allow easy access to most of the parameters useful in everyday life.

We always regret the absence of a card reader or USB host port. At least most cloud printing services are supported.



In standby, the Pixma TS5350 consumes no more than 0.9 watts. A figure that does not go up to more than 15 watts for an A4 photo print. An appreciable sobriety that we find on the side of noise pollution, which turns out to be moderate. In the photo, the printer is silent (38.7 dB measured at around 1 meter). When printing a document of several pages, the noise rises to 48 dB, but remains in a good average and is not prohibitive in the context of punctual and family use.


Cost per page

New change of ink reference at Canon for this Pixma which uses only two cartridges (black and color). The TS5150 had already adopted this configuration compared to the TS5050 which operated with five separate cartridges. But here the Canon 570/571 series cartridges are still replaced by new models, the PG-560 and CL-561, available in normal and XL format. It is as always the latter that you will have to buy to limit the cost per page, calculated at 5.5 euro cents (€ 0.055) in black and white and 11.7 euro cents in color, against respectively 3, 7 and 9.2 cents for the TS5150 . It is a bit above the average bar of 10 euro cents per page, but typical of this kind of product only shipping two cartridges, the defect of which is to force the replacement of the color cartridge even if only one of the colors is exhausted.

Cost per page

Scanner and copies

The Pixma TS5350 has a flatbed scanner with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, with 16-bit sampling. A bit slower than that of the TS5150, it still allows you to scan an A4 working document (100 dpi) in 13 seconds, and a photo in 10 x 15 cm format (300 dpi) in 16 seconds. As for the copier, it takes 17 seconds to photocopy a document in black and white, and 23 seconds to do the same in color. Again, this is a little longer than on the TS5150, but the result is also much more convincing: the contrast of the original documents is better preserved, as are the colors.


Going from five to two cartridges, the Pixma TS5150 sacrificed part of its color fidelity and was demoted in photo. Is this the reason why Canon has developed new ink cartridges for this Pixma TS5350? Maybe ... In any case, it works since the latter is amazing in this area. The average colorimetric drift measured is particularly low (delta E of 4.7), with the only downside being the rendering of blue (9.3). Recall that beyond a delta E of 3, the human eye is able to perceive a difference in hue between the ideal color and the printed color.

The sharpness of the printed pictures is also good. The only flaw in the photo, the TS5350 is not very quick. It takes 52 seconds to print a borderless 10 x 15 photo, and 2 minutes for an A4 photo. A criterion of speed that must be put into perspective when the result obtained is up to the time spent, as is the case here.


Bad news, Canon has not found a way to correct one of the recurring defects of its consumer inkjet printers and here again limits the printing rate by forcing breaks every 2 or 3 pages during the printing of multipage documents, to better let the ink dry and avoid streaks. This is the reason why if the Pixma TS5350 prints 10.9 pages per minute (ppm) in color according to our tests, it is content with 6.3 ppm in black and white. In automatic two-sided, it delivers 4.9 ppm.

Honorable figures, especially since we are talking about a versatile home printer, but a little tainted by the behavior of the printer in black and white, while besides that the rendering of printed documents is very good (good sharpness, flat and well managed gradations, contrast that makes reading easier, etc.).


Canon improves its recipe overall with this Pixma TS5350, which gains a star compared to the TS5150 thanks to better photo skills. Despite some minor faults, it is an accessible and versatile model, more than recommendable on this price range.