Logitech - Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless


Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless: performance and comfort for the wireless player

Aprox. 108€

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Unlike the G303 and Pro Gaming, both designed for a bit nervous handling, the G403 is intended for players looking for more comfort, for slightly quieter games or for more pleasant office use between two parties. . Without really replacing the G402, the G403 is an alternative, wiser design side, a little less well equipped, but no less technically successful.

Positive points

Comfortable grip.

Good build quality.

Large, well-placed and responsive buttons.

Excellent sensor: precision and reactivity.

Soft and well serrated wheel.

Adjustable mass from 90 to 100 g.

Bad points

Non-disengageable thumbwheel and no horizontal scrolling.

Only 3 additional buttons.

Reserved for right-handers.

Our review


The G403 Prodigy Wireless is, as its name suggests, the wireless version of the G403 Prodigy. This variation is physically identical to the wired version and is only distinguished by its larger mass (+17 g). The wireless technology adopted by Logitech makes it possible to obtain as good reactivity as with a wired mouse. Only the sale price (119 € against 69.99 € for the wired version) and the interest you have in wireless will make you lean for one or the other G403.

We therefore invite you to consult the full G403 Prodigy test to find out our detailed opinion.


With only 17 g more than the wired G403 Prodigy, the G403 Prodigy Wireless does not lose much in handling. Lovers of very light mice will however opt for the first, which is limited to 90 g if we do not add its optional small mass of 10 g. The latter is also offered on the G403 Prodigy Wireless, increasing the mouse from 107 to 117 g.

This mass increase is of course explained by the presence of a 750 mAh battery, ensuring the mouse autonomy of thirty hours of play (backlight off).

It is in fact the technology of the G900 that is used here, the mass of the G403 being even identical to this other high-end wireless mouse.

Logitech provides a USB cable of approximately 1.83 m allowing to use the mouse as well with as wireless and especially to charge it. A small USB wireless receiver accompanies the mouse and can be plugged directly into a USB port on the computer or connected to the USB cable via an adapter, in order to switch more easily from a wired link to a wireless link.


We saw it during the test of the G900, the new wireless technology developed by Logitech achieves high performance, equivalent to that obtained with a wired mouse. The engineers of the firm have indeed succeeded in reducing the latency to the minimum to make the best use of the maximum communication frequency of 1000 Hz between the mouse and the computer. Therefore, it is simply impossible to tell the difference between wireless and wired modes of operation in practice.

Otherwise we find the excellent PMW3366 optical sensor also used in the wired G403 and all the latest player mice from the manufacturer.


Comfortable and precise, the G403 Prodigy Wireless offers a convincing gaming experience and is also pleasant to use in office automation. The choice between this version and its wired version will be mainly based on your budget, since the performance of the two models is equivalent.