Logitech - Logitech M330 Silent Plus


Logitech M330 Silent Plus: a quiet and comfortable little wireless mouse

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With its new Silent mice, Logitech is thinking of night owl workers, those who want to remain discreet in the community and more generally lovers of silence. First representative of these almost stealthy mice on the mid-range, the M330 Silent Plus is intended for right-handers looking for a simple and comfortable little mouse.

Positive points

Buttons actually quieter than those of a standard mouse.

Relatively compact.

Small wireless receiver that fits inside the mouse.

Bad points

No side buttons or horizontal scrolling on the wheel.

Reserved for right-handers.

Our review


The Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse is available in three colors (black, red and blue). The three versions are displayed at the same recommended retail price of € 39.99 and are guaranteed for two years.



Slightly larger than its entry-level little sister M220 Silent, the M330 Silent Plus remains compact and light enough to qualify as a mobile mouse (105 x 68 x 38 mm for 91 g with its AA battery; 92.8 g if we add the USB receiver which is housed in the mouse for transport).

Its more ergonomic shape than that of the M220 reserves it for right-handers. Comfort is higher, however, because the mouse hugs the hand better, with in particular a greater recess in the thumb. The manufacturing quality has nothing to do with it and takes a serious leap forward. The mouse is thus much better finished and benefits from a very pleasant rubber coating under the fingers, textured and non-slip. The top, for its part, is made of a good quality plastic, black with a little glitter.

Being a nomadic mouse, the manipulation is done rather with your fingertips (finger tip grip) if you have large hands. The ergonomic shape of the M330 nevertheless allows small hands to put a tip of the palm for more comfort.

Despite a higher-end positioning than that of the M220 Silent, the M330 Silent Plus suffers from the same defect and is also satisfied with three buttons, one of which is associated with the wheel. We deplore the absence of side buttons on the edges, so useful in office automation for the functions of "next page" and "previous page".

Reason for being Silent series mice, silence is indeed there with this mouse. If it is very difficult to verify the assertion of Logitech reporting a reduction in click noise of 90%, we clearly hear the difference compared to a conventional mouse. Indeed, the noise is much more muted here thanks to the special switches used. Although they look like tact switches, Logitech has made it clear to us that these are micro switches known to be much more enduring than touch switches. The manufacturer thus announces a lifespan of 5 million activations for the switches of its M330 Silent Plus, the equivalent of that of the switches that equip the M185 and M280. More high-end mouse switches like the MX Master or the Triathlon reach double, or 10 million activations, while it is not uncommon to see gamer mice climb to 20 million.

The wheel also benefits from a silent switch and is itself very discreet in its rotation, despite the notches quite well marked.

When it comes to sliding, the M330 Silent Plus also does better than the M220 Silent thanks to thicker and wider PTFE pads. It is easier to move it in silence, even if we can only recommend the use of a good mouse pad, the only surface able to maintain a certain silence in addition to limiting the wear of the skates.

In terms of autonomy, despite an AA alkaline battery strictly identical to that supplied with the M220 Silent, Logitech promises 6 months of more endurance with the M330 Silent Plus, a total of 24 months. Difficult to say by what energy saving technique Logitech achieves such a result, but we can say that autonomy is not a problem with these mice. The life of the battery depends of course on the environment and the use that is made of the mouse.



Equipped with the same optical sensor as that of the M220 Silent, the M330 Silent Plus behaves without surprise in the same way. It therefore works on a wide variety of surfaces, except on glass and excessively reflective materials, and proves to be precise enough for office use. Its speed is however insufficient to play fast video games, since the sensor picks up quickly during sudden movements.

The maximum sensitivity of 1000 dpi allows the use of high definition screens without any problem. However, it can find its limits in the context of multi-screen use with several Ultra HD monitors, if you want to be able to browse the entire width of the screens without moving your arm too much.



Pleasant to use and well finished, the M330 Silent Plus actually offers significant operating silence. The lack of side buttons, however, is detrimental to him and costs him one star on his final score.