Corsair - Corsair Sabre Optique 10000 dpi


Corsair Saber Optique 10000 dpi: led rather than laser

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Optical variation of the RGB Lightsaber, the Corsair Saber Optics RGB mouse was recently updated with a new, even more sensitive sensor, going from 6,400 to 10,000 dpi, nothing less. A good opportunity for us to test this model to compare it to the laser version that we had given 5 stars.

Positive points

Comfortable and light.

Good finishes with soft-touch coating.

8 programmable buttons.

Good responsiveness and precision.

Sensitivity adjustable on the fly on 5 levels.

Complete and simple to use software.


Bad points

Whimsical optical sensor on certain surfaces.

Non-tilting wheel.

For right-handers only.

Our review


Strictly identical in shape to the laser model, the RGB Optical Saber is an imposing mouse, particularly wide, but not very tall (124 x 80 x 38 mm).

The first grip is thus somewhat confusing when you are used to more slender mice. Little hands are unlikely to appreciate it.

Comfort is nonetheless there, helped by the locations for the thumb and little finger which prevent fingers from rubbing against the sliding surface. We would have appreciated, however, to have a little more room to place the ring finger, which must be made a place above its little brother on the edge of the mouse. The location seems a bit small for big fingers.

The grip remains good despite the absence of lateral grips, even if we do not escape some uncontrolled slippages at the start, the time to find our brands. The lightness of the mouse fortunately compensates for this defect, since with only 100 grams on the scale, it is easy to lift the Saber during replacements on the desk. Being a mouse designed for gaming, this lightness is an asset and places the Saber at the level of a Roccat Kova and halfway between the Razer Mamba TE (95 g) and the Razer Naga Chroma, DeathAdder Chroma (105 g), for example. Those who prefer heavier mice will have to look for another model, since no mass adjustment system is provided, unlike what the Logitech G502 offers, which already weighs 121 g and can weigh up to 18 g.

The lightness of the Saber associated with its 4 PTFE pads allows a good glide. When used with a good mouse pad, control is satisfactory.

Regarding the finishes, we appreciate the careful adjustments and the soft-touch coating very pleasant to the touch that covers the entire shell of the mouse. However, it tends to get dirty fairly quickly; watch out for greasy fingers and dust.

On the button side, the two main ones are associated with Omron brand switches, guaranteed for a minimum lifespan of 20 million activations. There is little play on the mechanism. These two buttons are responsive and produce a click that is both straightforward and noisy.

There are also two buttons under the thumb, useful for navigating between pages in office or in games. A little harder to activate, they are nevertheless satisfactory.

Corsair has chosen to position two buttons to change the sensitivity of the sensor on the fly at the index level (default function). A good position, because these buttons are easy to reach. On the other hand, they prove to be quite hard to activate and lack a little response. The active sensitivity is indicated via a diode which changes color depending on the level chosen (5 steps in total). It is therefore necessary to remember the set color codes, but being an RGB backlight, the possibilities are vast in terms of color choice.

The wheel switch is also satisfactory. A last button finds its place above the wheel and can take the function of our choice like all the other buttons of the mouse. You just have to change their assignment in the configuration software offered by Corsair (see box).

About the wheel, precisely, it is sheathed with a rubberized ring and has a backlight. Its notches are well marked without being too hard and its scrolling remains silent. Too bad it does not offer horizontal scrolling in office automation.

Wanted by Corsair as a versatile mouse, the RGB Optical Saber is actually as good for strategy games, role playing or in Moba, as for FPS, in which it is possible to take advantage of a "Sniper" function allowing define a different sensitivity associated with a button and therefore activatable on demand.

Finally on the backlight, the Corsair Saber Optique RGB lights up everywhere, since there are no less than 4 areas that can be lit at will. There are thus leds under the Corsair logo on the top of the shell, at the level of the dial, in front of the main button and finally at the level of the sensitivity indicator. Apart from the colored indication of the latter, this RGB function remains as often purely aesthetic. We regret that it is impossible to adjust the intensity of the backlight.



First observation, the RGB Optical Saber cannot work on as many surfaces as the RGB Laser Saber. In fact, it hardly works at all on our slightly satin white desk. Similar behavior to that we observed with the Mad Catz RAT Pro S and, although Corsair does not specify it, it is likely that the Optical Saber uses the same sensor (PixArt PMW3310) or at least a derivative on which the sensitivity would have been doubled .

However, being a mouse designed for gaming and not a nomad, whether laser or optical, it is strongly recommended to use a mouse pad. Once on a suitable surface (we used a Corsair MM300 carpet for our tests, as well as a SteelSeries QCK), the Optical Saber behaves like a charm, with good precision and flawless acceleration management. Its exchange frequency with the computer of 1000 Hz - which can be lowered to 125 Hz - allows it to suit any type of game. Responsiveness is there. Finally, it is possible to adjust the lift height of the sensor (lift-off) on three levels. The minimum setting, however, remains relatively high, which can affect accuracy somewhat when replacing in low sensitivity - what FPS players do for fast spins, for example - if you don't lift the mouse high enough. Our in-game trials were nevertheless satisfactory after a few hours of taming.



Light, pleasant and comfortable, the RGB Optical Saber is complete and versatile. If its optical sensor does not work on all surfaces, it is satisfactory with a good mouse pad and is suitable for both fast games and slightly slower titles.