Razer - Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition


Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition: a high-performance, ambidextrous mouse

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The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is the wired version of the Lancehead we tested. Strictly identical in shape, it is distinguished by its optical sensor which replaces the laser sensor of the wireless version.

Positive points

Precise and fast optical sensor.


Comfortable grip.

Bad points

The main buttons could be more responsive.

The slice buttons could be more accessible.

Wheel without horizontal scrolling.

Our review


Strictly identical to the Lancehead in its form and available in three colors (black, gray and white), the Lancehead Tournament Edition simply gains an irremovable cable. Less freedom therefore, but no problem with the proprietary connector or, of course, recharging.

The TE lightens with the passage of 7 g, passing to 104 g thanks to the absence of battery. The ergonomics of these two mice being identical, we invite you to read the Lancehead test to find out more about its qualities and defects in handling.

All the same, note in passing a certain lack of homogeneity in the finish of this Lancehead series: the main buttons seem a little more reactive here - although probably still too flexible - with a better consistency of the click, although the switches are the same and there is in principle no difference in design. Same observation for the edge buttons, except that on the contrary, we find them here a little less accessible, because very slightly deeper in the shell.

It becomes difficult to activate the one corresponding by default to "previous page" with the middle of the thumb (base of the last phalanx), forcing to prefer the fingertip and therefore to do a little more digital gymnastics. Difficult, under these conditions, to attribute 5 stars to the Lancehead TE.



Goodbye laser sensor, hello optics! Unlike its wireless version, the Lancehead TE adopts the optical sensor of the DeathAdder Elite. This ensures excellent performance, however to the detriment of surface recognition (it is not compatible with glass, for example). For more information on this sensor, we invite you to read our review of the DeathAdder Elite.



The Lancehead Tournament Edition is a fast and precise mouse, thanks in particular to its very powerful optical sensor. We are however on our hunger for the reactivity of the buttons: despite the use of Omron switches, they are a little less bright than those of some competing mice (G900 at the head, but also DeathAdder Elite at Razer). Not enough to penalize a player beyond measure during a game, but enough to prevent him from reaching a fifth star. Above all, it seems that not all Lanceheads are housed in the same boat, some taking advantage of more convincing buttons despite identical components.