Razer - Razer Viper Ultimate


Viper Ultimate: Razer's ultralight wireless gaming mouse

Aprox. 156€

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Entering the race for lightness with its Viper of only 69 g, Razer also comes to rub Logitech on the field of the featherweight wireless mouse with its Viper Ultimate. A wireless version that takes only 5 g and is also fast.

Positive points

Magnetic, compact and practical charging base.

Satisfactory autonomy for a gaming mouse.

Good grip comfort for such a light mouse.

Elastomeric coating on the edges.

Fast and precise optical sensor.

Wireless link as fast as a wired link.

Really ambidextrous: 2 buttons on each edge.

Bad points

Slice buttons not necessarily easy to operate.

Sensitivity change button under the mouse.

Our review


Since the advent of ultralight mice, only Logitech had dared to wireless, managing to offer with its G Pro Wireless a mouse that was both light (80 g) and fast, and therefore suitable for gaming video. The Swiss manufacturer is no longer alone in this niche. The Razer Viper Ultimate even gives it the pawn in terms of lightness, displaying only 74 g on the scale.

This is unfortunately paid at a high price, the Viper Ultimate being launched at € 139.99. It's still € 9 less than the G Pro Wireless, but it's also € 50 more than the wired Viper. For this price, Razer provides a small charging base; that Logitech does not offer.



If the Viper Ultimate sports a shape identical to that of the Viper, it does not embark on the same sensor. Razer has chosen here an even faster and more energy-efficient optical sensor: the very latest PMW3399 from PixArt, which is currently only found on this Viper Ultimate. And it is once again the target of all superlatives: the highest sensitivity (20,000 dpi), the highest maximum speed of capture (16.51 m / s), a maximum acceleration still as huge (50 g) and 99.6% capture accuracy. However, it has been a long time since optical sensors for gaming mice have been quick enough to cope with the sharpest movements of gamers. The PMW3399 therefore wants to be even better on paper, but we do not see any gain in practice. Let's just keep in mind that it is excellent and responds to all possible requests.

Optical sensor designed for the game requires, we should not expect more recognition of surfaces. A mouse pad is always highly recommended when it comes to playing, but you can still use this mouse without problems on most surfaces that are not too bright or reflective. No problem for example with a varnished or satin wood desk, a glossy magazine cover, a plastic pouch ... Enough to take this Viper Ultimate on the go without having to worry about the surface where to use it.



Remarkably light for a wireless mouse, the Viper Ultimate remains just as recommendable as the wired version. Razer manages to do better than Logitech and its G Pro Wireless in terms of lightness and comfort, and competes perfectly in terms of performance thanks to a radio link as fast as a wired link, in the same way as that used by Logitech. The G Pro Wireless ultimately keeps for itself only its slightly more sensitive main buttons and its removable slice buttons, which allows the Viper Ultimate to join it on the highest step of the podium of the best wireless gaming mice.