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Roccat Leadr: the Owl-Eye optical sensor in a wireless mouse

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The only wireless model in the Roccat gamer mouse range, the Leadr is certainly aimed at the high end. Packed with 14 buttons, delivered with a charging base and equipped with the latest Owl-Eye optical sensor from the manufacturer, it promises to work as quickly wirelessly as, and can also be connected directly to USB when its battery is discharged.

Positive points

Excellent optical sensor, precise and fast.

Wired or wireless operation without noticeable latency.

Careful manufacturing.

Comfortable grip.

Good sliding.

Easily accessible buttons.

Easy-Shift function [+].

Bad points

Blue base lighting impossible to deactivate.

Relatively heavy and delicate mouse to lift: not very suitable for playing at low sensitivity.

Big thumbs refrain.

USB cable difficult to remove.

Our review


Like all of Roccat's latest mice, the Leadr is equipped with the new Owl-Eye optical sensor, a variation of the famous Pixart PMW3360 that is found in most high-end gamer mice. This PMW3361 version specific to Roccat does not provide any particular function, but it is not particularly necessary since this sensor already has everything to please. Its maximum capture speed of 6.35 m / s and its maximum acceleration of 50 g guarantee perfect consideration of the most abrupt movements, and precision is at the rendezvous thanks to a reproduction of movements according to an optical ratio 1: 1. Surface recognition is also quite good, except on glass and other reflective and transparent coatings.

In terms of sensitivity, with a maximum of 12,000 dpi, this Owl-Eye sensor offers much more than is necessary today, even when using multiple Ultra HD screens (3,840 x 2,160 px). Indeed, at this sensitivity, a movement of less than a centimeter is enough to cover the entire width of a UHD screen. Under these conditions, the accuracy clearly leaves something to be desired, but we can at least say that such a sensor will support higher definitions in the years to come, provided that the other components of the mouse last long enough ... Roccat nevertheless recommends much wiser values, between 400 and 3000 dpi maximum, specifying that the precision is maximum over this sensitivity range. Pro players are often content with 400 to 1,000 dpi.

Regarding the wireless link, we could not detect any additional latency compared to a wired mouse, but this is now played only a few milliseconds between the latest generation mice, making our comparisons very difficult based on the real user experience. In any case, we did not feel any discomfort during our FPS games (Counter Strike GO, Battlefield 1 ...). Hard to say if this Leadr is as fast as the fearsome G900; it will rather be a question of comparing the radically different grips of these two mice.



Precise, fast and comfortable, the Leadr benefits from an excellent optical sensor and demonstrates behavior as satisfactory in wireless as in wired. Its numerous buttons will undoubtedly also appeal to MMO, Moba and other RPG players. Some faults, however, tarnish the table and the mouse will therefore not be suitable for all uses or all hands.