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Roccat Kova Aimo mouse: for the love of RGB

Aprox. 59€

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To satisfy RGB lovers, Roccat continues to renew its flagship products by adding compatibility with its intelligent Aimo lighting system. Thus arrives the Kova Aimo (launch price: € 59.99): a simple update of the previous Kova launched in 2015.

Positive points


Good optical sensor.

Very pleasant and intuitive handling.

Construction and neat finishes.

Comprehensive and intuitive software.

Easy-Shift function [+].

Bad points

No non-slip coating on the edges.

Plastic that marks very quickly.

Our review


The Kova Aimo returns 4 years after the previous model, but does not change much. The only major difference is its compatibility with Aimo, Roccat's intelligent and unified RGB backlighting system. It therefore gives more possibilities in this area - we will come back to this in the insert dedicated to the software. The other change is minor since it is the change of color. The Kova Aimo is adorned with a black dress to match the color of the buttons. The design, the materials, the sensor, the user experience and the possibilities of control do not budge.

The Kova Aimo retains its sober and refined appearance. The rounded frame shapes contrast with the angular design of the side buttons. The construction is neat, harmonious and the whole seems robust. On the other hand, the matt "soft-touch" plastic still retains fingerprints as much and marks quickly (scratches, etc.). The RGB backlight is present in two areas: the scroll wheel and at the back of the mouse (a small shiny plastic border highlights this). Thanks to Aimo compatibility, we finally benefit from more fluid effects and more possibilities for personalization. The mouse connects via USB via a relatively flexible 1.8m braided cable.

The size of the Kova Aimo is standard. It measures 6.7 cm wide, 13 cm long and 4 cm high. The weight (100 g) is well distributed. It is not possible to modify it, as no additional weight system is proposed. Its tapered shape and curved edges offer a very natural grip, whether for large or small hands. All grips are possible: palm grip, finger tip grip or claw grip (in this order on the photo below).

The Kova Aimo retains its perfectly symmetrical and therefore ambidextrous design. It can be used with both the right hand and the left hand, a feature that is still too rare in the world of gaming mice. Note the absence of rubber grip, rough plastic or other ribs on the sides of the mouse. It is far from prohibitive, but it may come as a surprise if you are used to this kind of grip and your hands are slippery.

The Kova Aimo has a notched wheel, a central button (on white TTC switch and configured by default to navigate between the different sensitivity levels) and 6 side buttons (4 side with red TTC switches, 2 housed next to the main clicks with switches TTC white), all easily accessible. Contrary to what one might fear, the design of the mouse makes it difficult to activate the additional buttons inadvertently, and so much the better! During our test period, in palm and claw grip position, this never happened to us, even in cases where we had to juggle very quickly between the different buttons in play. The behavior of these is beyond reproach, they are reactive (good rebound) and not particularly noisy; if you want to quibble, the white TTC switches are less noisy than the red switches and easier to operate. On the other hand, the click of the two main left / right buttons (coupled to Omron D2FC-F-7N switches which promise a lifespan of at least 20 million clicks) is clearly more audible.

The notched wheel called Titan 2D is the only element to be covered with a rubber coating. Thus, it adheres slightly to the index for precise control. Scrolling is silent. In total, 11 configurable commands are directly accessible. It is even possible to go up to 22 with the help of the Roccat Easy-Shift [+] functionality (possibility of assigning an alternative command for each button).

Under the Kova Aimo are no less than five PTFE runners. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer replacement pads in the box. As for sliding, however, nothing to complain about. It goes without saying that the use of a suitable mat is essential for optimal gliding and to extend the life of the skates.


Inside, the Kova Aimo retains the same recipe as the 2015 Kova: a Pro-Optic R6 sensor, a name that actually hides a Pixart PMW3320DB sensor. Its native sensitivity of 3,500 dpi can go up to 7,000 dpi thanks to the overdrive mode. In practice, even on a 4K Ultra HD screen, this is more than enough. Note that this data has no relation to the accuracy of the sensor. It concerns sensitivity and therefore the ability to cover a large area on the screen with your pointer without having to make large movements. Everything is governed by a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 microcontroller with ARM + technology.

The sensor of the Kova Aimo can absorb accelerations of 20 g with speeds of 2 m / s. The mouse transmits click and displacement information every millisecond (response time or polling rate of 1000 Hz) by reproducing the movements of the sensor in 1: 1. The transmission speed and acceleration can be set in the Swarm software. During our test period, combining office automation (with sometimes precision work on retouching software) and video games (FPS, MMORPG, RPG, Action-RPG…), the precision is always shown to match our expectations. We did not notice any errors, malfunctions or dropouts.

Like all optical sensors, that of the Kova Aimo does not work perfectly on glossy coatings or glass. Although it can be used on a wooden desk, for example, nothing better than a suitable mouse pad to enjoy the best possible accuracy.


Although Roccat has decided not to change its 2015 Kova in depth, it must be admitted that the recipe still works as well. The Kova Aimo is a very pleasant to use mouse, ambidextrous, efficient and comfortable on all tasks. From now on, its compatibility with the Aimo intelligent backlight gives a little more possibilities and better integration with compatible devices from the manufacturer. If you don't care, but you are interested in this mouse, go to the previous model which can be found at a slightly lower price.