Logitech - Logitech MX Master 2S


Logitech MX Master 2S: an evolution that focuses mainly on its Flow

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Evolution of the MX Master, the MX Master 2S is apparently identical to its predecessor - except for the colors. Apparently only, since changes are hidden at the electronic and software level. Let's see what improvements Logitech has in store for us ...

Positive points

Comfort of handling, ergonomics.

Smart scroll wheel and second scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling.

7 configurable buttons, with secondary function.

Very practical Flow function to use the mouse with several computers simultaneously.

Neat finishes.

Precise laser sensor that also works on glass.

Good autonomy, fast charge.

Bad points

Solid design, not recommended for small hands.

Slightly small slice buttons, inaccessible for large fingers.

Our review


If the design of the MX Master 2S is strictly identical to that of the MX Master, it is not the same for its colors. Logitech indeed offers three new ones ("graphite", "teal blue" and "light gray" replace the "black", "stone" and "navy blue" of the first version). The recommended retail price for the MX Master 2S is € 109, which is € 10 more than the MX Master.



The other notable change on this Master 2S is at the level of the sensor. Still of the laser type, the Logitech Darkfield sensor switches to a sensitivity of 4,000 dpi, compared to 1,600 dpi previously. Above all, it is now possible to adjust the sensitivity in 50 dpi steps, from 200 dpi (200 dpi steps between 400 and 1600 dpi on the MX Master). This doesn't change the precision of the mouse, but it becomes more versatile and ready for ultra-high definition.

In addition, we always appreciate the ability of this sensor to work on glass and on a wide variety of materials in general. The accuracy is very good, and if the fastest players will manage to reach the speed limits of the sensor, let's not forget that we are here in the presence of a mouse designed for office use. In fact, we will not recommend it to fans of FPS and other fast games.

Demanding users will also prefer to use it with the Unifying radio receiver rather than Bluetooth, due to the higher latency induced by this latter technology. Supportable latency, but present.



Always as pleasant to use as long as you don't have a small hand, the MX Master 2S improves without taking much risk. The arrival of the Flow function is nevertheless a real good surprise, largely justifying the arrival of this 2S version - although it could very well have been added to the previous version.