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Logitech G403 Prodigy: performance and comfort for the player

Aprox. 35€

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Unlike the G303 and Pro Gaming, both designed for a bit nervous handling, the G403 is intended for players looking for more comfort, for slightly quieter games or for more pleasant office use between two parties. . Without really replacing the G402, the G403 is an alternative, wiser design side, a little less well equipped, but no less technically successful.

Positive points

Comfortable grip.

Good build quality.

Large, well-placed and responsive buttons.

Excellent sensor (precision and reactivity).

Soft and well serrated wheel.

Adjustable mass from 90 to 100 g.

Bad points

Non-disengageable thumbwheel and no horizontal scrolling.

Only 3 additional buttons.

Reserved for right-handers.

Our review


Logitech continues to expand its range of "G" peripherals with new mice specifically dedicated to gamers. The latter, however, display a more sober line than usual. Among them, the G403 Prodigy is positioned in the mid-range, despite a rather high launch price (€ 69.99). A wireless version is also offered under the name G403 Prodigy Wireless and sold at an additional € 50 (€ 119) - all the same!



Known for its mice with shaped shapes - sometimes a little too much for the tastes of some - which best fit the contours of the hand, with in particular numerous recesses, Logitech changes its way of doing things a bit with a G403 which wants to be wiser on the design plan and softer in its forms.

Finished the rim allowing to put the thumb and the textured coating on the edges - as we can see on the G402 and G502 -, place in a smoother shape and edges without particular relief. As domed as these last two, the G403 is no less pleasant to take in hand and is even better suited for large hands because of a larger width on the front as at its base. With dimensions of 124 x 68 x 43 mm, the G403 finally comes close to a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition in spirit and in form (128 x 70 x 43 mm), less sharp edges. As on the latter, the palm grip grip is undoubtedly the most suitable and clearly underlines the comfort orientation desired by Logitech on this mouse, unlike a G303 or a Pro Gaming. For a little more nervousness, a grip in claw grip is also possible and always comfortable.

The objective is in any case achieved since the use of the G403 proves to be relaxing, while the buttons fall perfectly under the fingers. The two main buttons are also inclined to the right to better respect the natural position of the hand, and slightly curved to accommodate the index and middle fingers in the middle. Logitech once again uses its button tensioning mechanism to keep them in contact with the switches and thus improve click speed thanks to a sharper rebound. Guaranteed for a minimum of 20 million activations, the switches signed Omron are not too noisy.

As often with the Swiss manufacturer, the finish here is impeccable, with no visible screws and with very little play between the parts. The appearance is however more consensual and seems less worked, less upscale than those of the manufacturer's mice previously mentioned, despite an equivalent price. However, this is a matter of taste and, paradoxically for a product dedicated to video games, this simpler design has at least the merit of being more easily integrated into a working environment. Many will therefore welcome this return to sobriety on the part of Logitech, especially after a particularly typed G900.

In terms of materials, the G403 Prodigy always benefits from a soft-touch plastic on the entire upper part of its shell, while the edges are coated with rubber for better grip of the fingers when traveling. The latter are however easy due to the low mass of the G403 (90 g). Users who prefer heavier mice will be happy to know that a small mass of 10 g can be inserted under the mouse, simply by positioning it in a small cover held by magnets.

The glide is also very good thanks to the large PTFE pads, ensuring also noisy movements despite the use of the mouse on a hard surface - a mat is recommended, regardless of the mouse.

Regarding the additional buttons, we can only be disappointed with the greed shown by this G403 compared to older models. Apart from the button dedicated to changing the sensitivity of the sensor on the fly, located above the wheel, only two slice buttons are available. Very large, they are certainly pleasant to use and prove to be reactive, but one wonders where the buttons of the G402 went, in particular the one sometimes called "sniper" on other mice, so practical in shooting games. Also forget the two buttons positioned to the left of the main left button.

On the other hand, there is an improvement in the dial compared to that of the G402. Now striated, its rubber coating allows better grip and scrolling is more flexible. The wheel remains nevertheless well notched. Alas, it still does not offer horizontal scrolling, any more than it is disengageable. We therefore remain far from the versatility offered by the wheels of the G502 and G900.

To finish this tour of the owner, let's not forget the multicolored backlight (RGB), now present on all new peripherals for players. Wheel and G logo light up for the pleasure of the eyes, in the absence of real usefulness of this function in game or daily. Different light effects are of course available in the mouse software.



Pixart's PMW3366 optical sensor is fitted to all of Logitech's latest mice, and that's no coincidence. It is now a must, synonymous with precision and responsiveness. This proven sensor is suitable for the fastest games thanks to its high flight characteristics (maximum acceleration of 40G or 760 cm / s). It also works on many surfaces (except on glass), although a mouse pad is recommended to ensure both precision and silence.

The stability of the cursor during recentering of the mouse is also very good, which will reassure players who prefer to use their mouse in low sensitivity. Sensitivity which can also increase up to 12,000 dpi. A maximum value always as delusional, since even the use of several Ultra HD screens does not justify climbing as high. Indeed, at 12,000 dpi, a movement of less than a centimeter is enough to cover the entire width of an Ultra HD screen; as much to say that precision takes a hit under these conditions. Logitech no longer highlights this characteristic, preferring to speak of the very reduced latency of its mice.



Comfortable and precise, the G403 Prodigy offers a convincing gaming experience and is also pleasant to use in office automation. It nevertheless suffers from competition with the previous models in the range (G402 and especially G502), with more buttons, cheaper and equipped with the same sensor.