Corsair - Corsair Nightsword RGB


Corsair Nightsword RGB: a complete and comfortable gaming mouse

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Among Corsair's wired mice dedicated to FPS and Moba, the Nightsword RGB is more compact than the Ironclaw model and more comfortable than the M65 of the same range. With its adjustable mass, it mainly competes with the Logitech G502.

Positive points

Excellent optical sensor, fast and precise.

Comfortable grip.

Good build quality.

Many buttons, well placed.

Neat backlight.

Bad points

Slice buttons too soft, not very reactive.

USB cable too rigid.

Our review


Nightsword, or "sword of the night" in French, this is the name chosen by Corsair for its new gaming mouse dedicated to FPS and Moba. The manufacturer persists in the use of names referring to knives and the Nightsword comes after the Saber, Harpoon, Scimitar, Glaive and Ironclaw. So let's see if its cutting edge is as effective as that of its predecessors and worth the € 79.99 requested when it was launched.



Already seen on the Ironclaw model, the PMW3391 optical sensor from Pixart is also used on the Nightsword. Derived from PMW3389, it supports accelerations up to 50 g and speeds up to 10.16 m / s. Top-notch performance that guarantees foolproof tracking, even with very sudden and large movements, typically performed by FPS players who use fairly low sensor sensitivities.

This does not prevent the sensor from being able to climb up to 18,000 dpi, which, however, is still just as useless today. Remember that moving the mouse over 1 cm at 18,000 dpi almost suffices to make the cursor cross the width of two Ultra HD screens. In a video game, it is guaranteed to be dizzy and loss of precision guaranteed. At more reasonable sensitivities, this sensor nevertheless proves to be very precise and benefits from an impeccable optical tracking, without smoothing or acceleration which could disturb the fidelity of the movements. We would simply have liked to be able to set the height of the sensor drop to a slightly lower level, to eliminate even better the small parasitic movements that can occur when we lift the mouse to center it.

The recognition of surfaces is also very good, although glass and other reflective or transparent materials should always be avoided. We will in any case only recommend too much the use of a good mouse pad, so as to optimize the precision and the glide while reducing in passing the wear of the pads.



The Nightsword narrowly misses the 5th star, mainly because of its too disappointing edge buttons in a very competitive segment which leaves no room for error. It is however a very pleasant to use, precise and comfortable mouse, which fulfills its overall contract and will delight players with large hands who find the size of a G502 too narrow. If we add to its equation its devastating design, this can be enough to convince a good number of users who will be able to put up with small faults.