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Asus ROG

Asus ROG Gladius II Wireless: comfort and performance for wireless gaming

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Wireless variation of the Gladius II that we tested, the Gladius II Wireless also took the opportunity to change the sensor. Two significant improvements which are unfortunately not made without some compromises.

Positive points

High-performance optical sensor.

As fast and precise wirelessly as with.


Good build quality.

Easy change of switches.

Bad points

A bit heavy compared to some last generation wireless competitors.

Just correct autonomy.

Proprietary micro-USB connector.

Only two levels of sensor sensitivity (adjustable).

Our review


The Gladius II already took advantage of Pixart's excellent PMW3360 optical sensor and the Wireless version goes even further with the latest PMW3389. Even faster, it can absorb accelerations up to 50 g and operate at speeds of 10.16 m / s. Suffice to say that we are not about to get it off the hook, even with the most violent movements that we could produce when playing in low sensitivity. The maximum sensitivity can increase to 16,000 dpi, which is just as useless as with the 12,000 dpi of the PMW3360. Remember that at this sensitivity, a simple displacement of 2 cm is enough to make the mouse pointer run the entire width of an Ultra HD screen.

The recognition of surfaces is very good for an optical sensor, the mouse thus accommodating a little satin coatings, as long as they are not too shiny or transparent. However, it is better to use a mouse pad to benefit from optimal precision and at the same time reduce pad wear.

The wireless link, on the other hand, is almost as reactive as the wired link. Unable to detect any latency, the mouse follows the slightest gestures of its user, without smoothing or acceleration, thus offering excellent precision. We therefore appreciate being able to do without cable, the movements being thus all the more fluid.



Although it weighs down a bit compared to its wired elder, the ROG Gladius II Wireless remains a comfortable and precise mouse, as comfortable in video games as in office automation.