SteelSeries - SteelSeries Rival 500


SteelSeries Rival 500: a mouse dedicated to Moba and MMO

Aprox. 116€

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SteelSeries completes its Rival mouse series with a newcomer thought this time for MMO and Moba. Imposing, the Rival 500 relies on its numerous buttons (15 in total) and its vibration notification system to stand out from the competition, without encroaching on the flowerbeds of other Rival mice.

Positive points

Numerous buttons judiciously positioned.

Pleasant handling.

Good build quality.

Excellent sensor, precise and fast.

Interesting vibration system (tactile alerts).

Bad points

Some will find it a bit heavy (130 g) and imposing.

Only a few games are fully compatible with touch alerts.

Our review


SteelSeries has chosen the excellent Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor to equip its Rival 500. A proven model with excellent qualities, among which a good tolerance for different office coverings and carpets (except glass and other transparent materials or too bright), first-rate precision and excellent responsiveness. Unable to unhook it (maximum acceleration of 50G), the pointer follows the most abrupt movements (capture speed of 300 in / s, or 7.62 m / s) and remains stable during mouse repositioning thanks to a height relatively low cutoff, thus avoiding parasitic movements.

As usual, the 16,000 dpi maximum sensitivity is just there to shine on the data sheet, since at this extreme level, a movement of 2 cm is enough to make the cursor move the width of 3 Ultra HD screens! Admittedly, who can do the most can do the least, but as much to say that we will rather use the mouse at much lower sensitivities (professional players are content most of the time with less than 1000 dpi). You can alternate between the two sensitivity levels of your choice (adjustable from 100 to 16,000 dpi) by simply pressing a button (by default, the one located above the dial).

The exchange frequency with the computer reaches 1,000 Hz (adjustable to 125, 250 or 500 Hz also) and you can also adjust the acceleration and deceleration parameters of the pointer, as well as an angle snap parameter to smooth the movements of the pointer.



Very complete, precise and pleasant to use despite its relatively large size, the Rival 500 will delight players who need a lot of buttons on their mouse. Well placed, they are easily identifiable in full and do not disturb in office use thanks to a locking system of the two lower buttons. Without being essential, the function of notifications by vibration presents for its part a certain interest, but inevitably weighs down the mouse a little. The Rival 500 is therefore less suitable for very fast games, but excels in MMO and Moba (and RPG).