Cherry  - Cherry MW 2310


Cherry MW 2310: a wireless office mouse for everyone

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After the MW 2110, Cherry offers us the MW 2130, larger and more complete than its little sister. Discreet, this wireless office mouse comes up against a competition already well established in this market.

Positive points

Ambidextrous shell design.


Good overall quality.

Sober design.

Compact and light.

Range of 10 meters.

Good autonomy.

Excellent value.

Bad points

Buttons only on the left side.

Infrared sensor (does not work on glass).

Non-disengageable wheel.

No horizontal scrolling.

No carrying bag.

Our review


The Cherry MW2310 has a shell of 120 x 75 x 38.32 mm (L x W x H) for a weight of 122 g once the batteries are installed. The coating is in very slightly grainy black plastic, which hangs weakly on the fingers and is easy to clean. There is, however, a strip of shiny black plastic on the back of the device which, for its part, gets dirty quickly on contact with the palm. The same goes for the band that surrounds the wheel and is used to adjust the dpi on the fly.

If the shape of the shell is ambidextrous, like its little sister the MW 2110, only two buttons take place on the left edge of the MW 2310. Easy to reach with the thumb of the right hand, they are already much less accessible with a left hand.

These buttons also have a rather soft support, which is clearly not suitable for repeated actions.

The grip is very comfortable and natural; the MW 2310 follows the shape of most hands well and even allows lifting despite the absence of lateral grips. All the catches are possible, according to the size of the hand and the preferences of each.

Turning the mouse over, we can see a total of five Teflon pads which ensure good gliding. However, they will need to be cleaned from time to time to prevent clogging and clinging to surfaces.

Outside the skates, there is also a switch on the underside to turn the mouse on or off, the hatch to insert the two AA batteries (supplied in the box) and the USB nano-receiver. We appreciate being able to store it in the mouse to avoid losing it, given its very small size. Just connect this receiver to the computer, place the batteries in the mouse and then turn it on to be able to use it immediately, under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

The MW 2310 has the same wheel as the MW 2110 which, although very similar to that of the Anywhere 2, is neither disengageable nor actuable on the sides for horizontal scrolling. The declutching technology is exclusive to Logitech, because protected by a patent, but the fact remains that this function quickly became extremely appreciated and it seems important to emphasize the absence here. Despite everything, the vertical scrolling remains fluid, precise and silent, a good point compared to certain wheels of the competition.

Small evolution compared to the MW 2110, we can now navigate between three levels of sensor sensitivity by pressing the button located under the wheel. A led indicates the level chosen by lighting up in green, orange or red. This location is more convenient than that of the MW 2110 which required turning the unit over.



The MW 2310 has the same infrared sensor as its little sister, with a maximum sensitivity of 2,000 dpi. Here you can navigate between three predefined levels of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 dpi. The infrared sensor uses less energy than laser or optical sensors, which allows the mouse to maintain greater autonomy. We regret, however, that a mouse that wants to be nomadic does not benefit from a sensor working on all surfaces. Here, we have a glass desk or we have a reflective surface (metal, shiny plastic ...) the sensor hangs clearly.

Cherry promises us that the batteries supplied (2,200 mAh) allow the mouse to be used for 733 hours, or about three months at a rate of 8 hours per day. Difficulty to verify with our test protocol, but we can already see that the mouse held up well during our 3 weeks of daily use. It's a shame, however, that you can't charge the mouse via USB like some Logitech models.

The USB dongle allows you to use the mouse up to 10 meters from the computer, which is useful for professional presentations, for example, or to use the device from a sofa, provided you place it on a compatible coating.



Like its little sister, the MW 2310 has a very good price / quality ratio and is generally satisfactory. Comfortable and versatile, it adapts to most hands without problem. Too bad the infrared sensor does not allow it to be used on all surfaces. If the MW 2310 will meet most needs for a very low price, we prefer the MX range from Logitech, which remains more complete.