Cherry  - Cherry MW 2110


Cherry MW 2110: a portable office mouse for small hands

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Well known for its mechanical switches for keyboards, the German manufacturer Cherry offers us a very small wireless office mouse. Who is it for and what are its characteristics? Answer in the test ...

Positive points


Correct overall quality.

Sober design.

Compact and light.

Satisfactory sensor.

Fluid movements.

Range of 10 meters.

Good autonomy.

Suitable wheel and very quiet.

Excellent value.

Bad points

Fragile opening system.

Infrared sensor (does not work on glass).

Non-disengageable wheel.

No horizontal scrolling.

No carrying bag.

Our review


Upon unpacking, the MW2110 displays its sobriety: a simple black plastic shell, not very grainy, dresses the mouse, with no other flourishes than light lines engraved on the sides. We only find the mention of the brand on the back of the device, as well as that of the model on the left button. Under the demarcation between the two buttons, a red diode indicates the start of the machine, as well as the switch between the three different levels of DPI.

The very classic coating for this type of product fairly effectively retains the various dusts in the room, as well as the traces of perspiration of nervous colleagues. It is also rather slippery, which would doubtless regret the absence of structured or elastomer side sockets if the low weight of the MW2110 (only 76 g with the battery) did not guarantee a very good grip.

However, with its reduced dimensions (10 x 5 x 3.7 cm), this mouse is not particularly intended for very large hands, which will find it difficult to handle it correctly during long sessions. Others will find its compact and practical compactness, its size and low weight allowing it to be moved effortlessly. Note, this mouse is ambidextrous, with only two buttons and a symmetrical design.

Below, there are four small skates as well as the start and navigation button between the three levels of DPI. The pads, here in Teflon, get dirty quite quickly; it will be necessary to think of cleaning them regularly to preserve a fluid glide.

We also notice the command used to open the mouse cover. You must be delicate during the operation, since the buttons must be separated from the body of the MW2110. The fasteners are quite fragile and may break if the opening is too sudden or too frequent.

Inside there is the AA battery which, according to Cherry, guarantees a 366 hour autonomy. The USB dongle is also stored there and its location is rather welcome given its very small size.

Care should be taken not to lose it, especially considering the nomadic nature of the MW2110. It makes the use of the mouse extremely simple, since it is enough to connect it to the computer (operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10) and to turn on the mouse to be able to use it immediately, without going through software.

The mouse buttons have a satisfactory spring and return. They also seem pretty solid. If the wheel looks a lot like that of the MX Master from Logitech (or its little sister, the Anywhere 2), it does not have the capacity, since it is not disengageable. Nor can it be operated on the sides for horizontal scrolling, but it remains clickable. Less precise than that of the Logitech models, it remains very correct and above all absolutely silent, which is a very good point.



The MW2110 has an infrared sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 2000 dpi, adjustable on three levels (1000, 1500 and 2000 dpi). This sensitivity is amply sufficient for web browsing and for most office work, including on screens allowing high resolutions. However, we regret that the infrared sensor does not work on all surfaces, unlike laser sensors. Too bad for a mouse whose design is thought to make it portable and transportable, since we certainly would not want to clutter up with a carpet when traveling.

The USB dongle allows the MW2110 to be used at a distance of 10 meters from the computer, which is useful for professional presentations, for example, or to control the terminal from a sofa, provided that it is used on a covering compatible.



The MW2110 relies on its sobriety and efficiency. It is primarily intended for mobile users or those looking for a mouse to use a remote computer. We do not have much to reproach him for except his infrared sensor which does not work on reflective surfaces and a certain fragility when it is opened. Very large hands will have to adapt to its compact size, which is also pleasant and effective for the majority of users. The MW2110 is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, well-finished wireless mouse at a very affordable price.