The best printers for less than $150

Which printer to buy for less than 150 dollars? If you are looking for printers, we present you the best printers for less than 150 that you will find in the market that suit to your needs and budget.

Fujifilm - Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3: the neo-retro portable photo printer

The Instax Share SP-3 is the new portable photo printer from Fujifilm. If it does not bring any obvious technical improvements compared to the Instax Share SP-2, it nevertheless adopts the film format Instax Square, which is a very good idea. Sold € 199, it will undoubtedly make the eye of fans of retro-nostalgic shots in vogue with the snapshot.



HP - HP Envy Photo 7830

HP Envy Photo 7830

HP Envy Photo 7830: almost full

HP responds with its Envy Photo 7830 to the latest Canon Pixma cameras that have only strengthened the leadership of the Japanese manufacturer in the niche of photo-gifted multifunction inkjet. It is indeed directly to the TS8050 that this new Envy Photo tackles, imagined for a complete family use (with fax, please) and thought for those who regularly print their photos. Sold around 180 €, does it have everything you need to convince us?



Canon - Canon Pixma TS6150

Canon Pixma TS6150

Canon Pixma TS6150: the 3-in-1 inkjet printer that confirms its excellence

After having completely renewed its range of Pixma inkjet printers last year, Canon only a few months ago updated its models with very few changes. The Pixma TS6150 is therefore an almost exact copy of the TS6050; the only modification concerns the set of cartridges used, which has an impact - minimal - on colorimetry and cost per page. Consequently, certain parts of this test will be abbreviated; we invite you to consult the complete test of the TS6050 for more details on these points.



HP - HP Sprocket

HP Sprocket

HP Sprocket: the portable printer that uses the self-adhesive snapshot

Small stand-alone pocket printer, the HP Sprocket relies on simplicity of use, instantaneity and user-friendliness to convince image lovers who never let go of their smartphone to take it with them for a birthday, a meal family or a festive evening. Does it have the necessary arguments to impose itself against a reference like the Instax Share SP-2?