The best televisions for less than $1000

Which television to buy for less than 1000 dollars? If you are looking for televisions, we present you the best televisions for less than 1000 that you will find in the market that suit to your needs and budget.

Samsung - Samsung QE55Q80R

Samsung QE55Q80R

Samsung QE55Q80R: a Samsung Q70R TV with the Q85R filter

With the exception of the size (140 cm), the Samsung QE55Q80R TV is identical to the Samsung QE65Q70R and adopts the filter of the Samsung QE65Q85R - two TVs that we have already tested. By extrapolation, we can therefore rule on the fact that the Samsung QE55Q80R offers the same image quality and the same ergonomics as the QE65Q70R while benefiting from better contrast and better viewing angles thanks to the filter borrowed from the high model of range which also reduces reflections and blooming.