Philips - Philips 50PUS7304


Philips 50PUS7304: does The One really offer very good value for money?

Aprox. 563€

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The Philips 50PUS7304 TV is the 50 inch version of the Philips 58PUS7304 that we tested. The two televisions are strictly identical and only the dimensions change. You can therefore consult the test of the Philips 58PUS7304 for more information.

Positive points

Good image quality in SDR.

Scaling of the Philips P5 video processor for common content (TNT, YouTube, etc.).

Display delay.

Fluid and versatile Android TV.

The Ambilight still as original.

Bad points

Disappointing compensation engine.

Reduced viewing angles.

HDR without any interest.

Our review


The Philips 50PUS7304 - 50 inch version (about 127 cm) of the Philips 58PUS7304 that we tested - is a good TV with an interesting price / quality ratio and a very good alternative to the Samsung UE55RU7405. In addition to its slightly larger diagonal, it benefits from better scaling thanks to the Philips P5 processor which clearly makes the difference with HD content. Like its rotary foot, the Ambilight system also allows it to stand out from the competition. However, as always in this price range, we must ignore an HDR treatment worthy of the name.