Philips - Philips 49PUS6401


Philips 49PUS6401: the cheapest Hue-compatible Ambilight TV

Aprox. 727€

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Positive points

ISF Night mode well calibrated.

Full connectivity.

Open viewing angles.

Fluid and pleasant interface.

Hue compatible ambilight.

Bad points

Limited contrast.

Reactivity of the slab.

Ineffective backlight scanning.

No microphone on the remote control.

Our review


The Philips 49PUS6401 - 49 inch version of the Philips 43PUS6401 that we tested - is a good TV, but its low contrast confines it to use in broad daylight. Even if the Ambilight partly helps to erase this defect, cinema lovers will go their way. On the other hand, it makes a good complement to a Philips Hue system by making it possible to improve the immersion and to benefit from a luminous environment integrating the television set.