Philips - Philips 65OLED804


Philips 65OLED804: Oled and Ambilight TV switches to Android 9.0

Aprox. 1950€

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The Philips 65OLED804 TV is the 65 inch (165 cm) version of the Philips 55OLED804 that we have already tested. These two televisions offer exactly the same image quality and the same benefits. Only the diagonal changes.

Positive points

Image quality.


Viewing angles.

Best compensation engine on the market.

P5 processor still as efficient.


The originality of the Ambilight system.

The possibilities offered by Android TV (applications, Chromecast, etc.).

Bad points

Delay in display a little higher than among competitors.

Basic cable routing system.


Our review


The Philips 65OLED804 - 65 inch version of the Philips 55OLED804 we tested - is an excellent Oled TV. Whether SDR or HDR, it displays a perfectly calibrated image that will delight fans of movies and TV series. The P5 processor - one of the best on the market - offers the best in scaling and motion compensation, and Oled technology is still unmatched in terms of contrast, responsiveness and viewing angles. Oled televisions are numerous and our selection criteria are tightening. This model just misses the fifth star because of a delay in the display higher than that of the competitors and an increase in consumption. Fortunately, it is the only one to have the Ambilight system, a singularity that can make the difference for those who are looking for an Oled TV that goes a bit off the beaten track.