Sony - Sony KD-65XE9305


Sony KD-65XE9305: Edge-Led backlight pushed to its maximum

Aprox. 2041€

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Positive points


Image quality (color fidelity, contrast).

High performance X1 Extreme processor (upscaling and motion compensation).

The Edge-Led backlight system with 76 zones is quite effective.

Well thought out cable management system.

Bad points

Quite directive.

Blooming visible in HDR.

Bulky external power supply.

Our review


With the 65XE9305 - the 65 inch version of the KD-55XE9305 that we tested -, Sony once again pushes the limits of the Edge-Led backlight system and shows again that it is possible to obtain a very beautiful image on an LCD TV. However, the Japanese must now face competition from Oled televisions sold at substantially the same price (LG 55B6V and 55C6V). In terms of image processing, Sony still has a slight advantage over the latter thanks to its X1 Extreme processor which makes prowess, but is this enough to fight against the surge Oled?