Samsung - Samsung QE75Q9F (QE75Q9FNAT)


Samsung 75Q9F (QE75Q9FNAT): the best Qled TV

Aprox. 2899€

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Positive points

Bright peak in HDR.

Successful design.


Fluid and pleasant interface.

Excellent delay on display.

Single cable to connect to the TV.

Simplified remote control.


Bad points

Limited viewing angles.

Impressive external housing.

Blooming visible.

Recurring pumping effect.

Our review


Samsung finally offers a Qled model equipped with a Full Led backlight system displaying beautiful colors and beautiful contrast. If this QE75Q9FNAT - 75 inch version of the Samsung 65Q9FN that we tested - still suffers from problems related to LCD technology, including a blooming very present in dark scenes, it also offers a very high brightness which allows to enjoy HDR content in a bright room . Associated with a delay in the record display, this luminous peak will delight players. The fact remains that Oled televisions are still a notch above - especially this year - thanks to an irreproachable calibration.