Samsung - Samsung UE43RU7415


Samsung UE43RU7415: a good entry level Ultra HD TV

Aprox. 538€

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The Samsung UE43RU7415 is the white 43 inch (109 cm) version of the UE55RU7405 that we tested. It therefore benefits from the same image quality and the same characteristics. This RU7 series is quite important in the range of the Korean manufacturer since it uses the same slab as the other RU televisions, whose variations are very numerous (RU7105, RU7175, RU7305, RU7370, RU7372, RU4305, RU4375, and many more '' other references specific to each distributor: RU7005, RU7009, etc.).

Positive points

Image quality in SDR.


DCI-P3 color space coverage.

Fluid and pleasant interface.

Low consumption.

Bad points

Reduced viewing angles.

HDR without any interest (brightness peak and calibration).

Increase in color coverage not really under control.

Our review


The Samsung UE43RU7415 - 43 inch (109 cm) version with a white chassis of the Samsung UE55RU7405 that we tested - is a good LCD TV that displays a fairly well calibrated SDR image, but like most mid-range TVs, it hardly to display a good HDR image. It benefits from flawless ergonomics and reduced consumption which make it a rather homogeneous television. At its introductory price, it does not have much interest, but the many promotions offered by Samsung during the year could make it excellent value for money.