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Samsung UE55RU7105: a good entry level Ultra HD TV

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With the RU7025 range - which differs only in the design of its feet -, the Samsung UE55RU7105 is the entry level Ultra HD model of the Korean manufacturer in 2019. What is it worth in practice?

Positive points

Image quality in SDR.


Low consumption.

Bad points

Reduced viewing angles.

HDR without any interest.

No microphone on the remote control.

Our review


The Samsung UE55RU7105 television not surprisingly displays an image quality equivalent to that of the Samsung UE55NU7105 that we tested in 2018. You can find the detail of our measurements in this article devoted to the television.

The Samsung UE55RU7105 TV has arrived in our laboratory. The opportunity to observe that the entry level Ultra HD model from the manufacturer ...

For the rest, the Samsung UE55RU7105 is identical to the Samsung UE55NU7105 tested in 2018. Only the connection is slightly different, as we can see in this photo gallery, with the addition of a component input directly on the TV without having to use an external adapt. Another difference is that the Tizen system is a little less fluid.

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Samsung UE55RU7105



The Samsung UE55RU7105 is a very good SDR television. It offers a well-calibrated image and excellent native contrast. On the other hand, it is necessary to make a cross on the HDR contents. This mode is very poorly calibrated in this mode and the limited light peak removes all the interest of HDR. For the rest, the Tizen system is still as effective, even if the absence of a microphone on the remote control is felt. To fill this gap, we must turn to the Samsung UE55RU7405.