Hisense - Hisense H50U7A


Hisense H50U7A: a convincing Ultra HD TV

Aprox. 653€

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Positive points

Image quality.

Excellent native contrast.

Interesting brightness peak for HDR.

Bad points

Poorly managed HDR.

Viewing angles.

No microphone on the remote control.

Our review


The Hisense H50U7A TV - 50 inch version of the Hisense H55U7A we tested - could have been a credible alternative to the Sony KD-55XE7005 and TCL U55C7006 which have been enthroned for some time in our guide to buying the best Ultra HD TVs, especially thanks to its interesting light peak in HDR. Unfortunately, the latter is badly exploited. Fortunately, this TV is doing much better with SDR sources.