Samsung - Samsung QE82Q950R


Samsung QE82Q950R: Samsung's 8K TV improves

Aprox. 6490€

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The Samsung QE82Q950R TV is the 82 inch version of the Samsung QE75Q950R that we tested. These two models are identical and only the diagonal of the image changes. We therefore refer you to the Samsung QE75Q950R test to learn more about this television.

Positive points

Bright peak in HDR.

Impressive anti-reflective filter.

Image quality in SDR and HDR.

Successful design.


Fluid and pleasant interface.

Excellent delay on display.

Single cable to connect to the TV.

Simplified remote control.

Bad points

Native 8K content almost nonexistent at the time of this test.

Impressive external housing.


No DisplayPort (which would allow you to take full advantage of 8K).

Our review


The Samsung Qled QE82Q950R - 82 inch (208 cm) version of the Samsung QE75Q950R that we tested - is an excellent LCD TV that displays a very well calibrated image whether in SDR or HDR. Compared to the Oled models, it is distinguished by a higher brightness peak and a very efficient anti-reflective filter which allow it to be installed in a very bright living room. If you use an Ultra HD source, this 8K panel and the scaling engine bring a gain of sharpness, but the native 8K contents are still non-existent and the scaling engine shows its limits with HD and SD content. This Samsung QE75Q950R television is a serious competitor of the Sony 77AG9 and LG 77C9 sold at the same price. In contrast, the 98-inch model, the Samsung QE98Q950R, is - pending the Sony ZG9 test - the best very large TV.