LG - LG 86UK6500


LG 86UK6500: a very average 86 inch Ultra HD IPS TV

Aprox. 3299€

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Positive points

Correct image quality in SDR.

Open viewing angles.

Delay in display worthy of that of a PC monitor.

Bad points

Contrast more than disappointing.

Very reduced brightness peak for HDR.

No microphone on the remote control.

No cable routing system.

Our review


The LG 86UK6500 - the 86 inch version of the LG 43UK6500 that we tested - delivers an image fairly well calibrated in SDR, but that's all. The open angles can satisfy those who need a wide field of vision around the television, but the latter will be limited to viewing TV broadcasts. Lovers of video games (too high afterglow) and cinema (low contrast) will go their way. It's a shame because this TV offers a good size / price ratio in the segment of very large televisions.