LG - LG 55B8S


LG 55B8S: Korean's Most Affordable 4K Oled TV in 2018

Aprox. 1338€

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Positive points

Image quality.

Excellent colorimetry in SDR mode and good in HDR Cinema.

HDR processing without clipping.

Infinite contrast.

Viewing angles.

Powerful α7 processor (scaling, motion compensation motor).

Responsiveness of Oled technology.

Audio system.

Slight delay in display.

Bad points

Poor color fidelity in game mode.

Non-backlit remote control.

Light peak slightly lower than on the 55C8.

Our review


The LG 55B8S television - which is differentiated by a stand different from that of the LG 55B8 that we tested - delivers a high level of service, up to expectations for an Oled model. If the adoption of a less efficient α7 processor is done without too many bumps compared to the α9 model of the C8, this is not the case of the decrease in the brightness peak which is not really explained. The LG 55B8 television remains an excellent television and above all one of the cheapest Oled models on the market.