Samsung - Samsung QE75Q60R


Samsung QE75Q60R: should you fall for the cheapest Qled TV?

Aprox. 1489€

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Positive points

Image quality in SDR.


100 Hz panel.

FreeSync compatibility.

Simplified remote control.


Bad points

Disappointing brightness peak for a Qled model.

Perfectible HDR calibration.

Limited viewing angles.

Blooming visible.

Our review


We expected a lot from the Samsung QE75Q60R - 75 inch version of the Samsung QE65Q60R that we tested - which could fill a gap in the market for mid-range quality HDR TVs, but it is not. This television does not ultimately do much better than the Samsung UE55RU7405. Its improved responsiveness and support for FreeSync will appeal to video game enthusiasts looking for a high-performance television. If you don't care about HDR and video games, the Samsung UE55RU7405 will be a better choice.