Samsung - Samsung QE55Q80R


Samsung QE55Q80R: a Samsung Q70R TV with the Q85R filter

Aprox. 999€

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With the exception of the size (140 cm), the Samsung QE55Q80R TV is identical to the Samsung QE65Q70R and adopts the filter of the Samsung QE65Q85R - two TVs that we have already tested. By extrapolation, we can therefore rule on the fact that the Samsung QE55Q80R offers the same image quality and the same ergonomics as the QE65Q70R while benefiting from better contrast and better viewing angles thanks to the filter borrowed from the high model of range which also reduces reflections and blooming.

Positive points

Image quality in SDR and HDR.

Native contrast.

Interesting brightness peak for an LCD TV in this range.

100 Hz panel.

FreeSync compatibility.

Simplified remote control.


Bad points

Blooming reduced, but still visible.

Our review


The Samsung QE55Q80R is a very good LCD TV. It benefits from the image quality of the Samsung QE65Q70R that we tested, thus delivering a peak of brightness sufficient to deliver a beautiful HDR image. The image quality in SDR is also there and the 100 Hz panel ensures clear moving images. The Samsung Q80R also incorporates the new filter introduced by the Samsung QE65Q85R - also tested by us - which improves contrast and viewing angles while significantly reducing blooming and reflections. If we add to this the still well thought out Tizen system, FreeSync compatibility for video game enthusiasts and reduced consumption, the Samsung QE55Q80R is clearly a very good LCD TV.