Sony - Sony KD-55XF9005


Sony KD-55XF9005: the latest Full Led TV from Sony

Aprox. 999€

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Positive points

Image quality.


Powerful Sony X1 Extreme processor (scaling and motion compensation).

Possibilities offered by Android TV (become more stable).

Interesting light peak for HDR use.

Bad points

No backlight on the remote control.

Viewing angles.

Blooming sometimes annoying.

Our review


In line with the Sony KD-65XE9005, the Sony KD-55XF9005 TV - the 55 inch version of the Sony KD-65XF9005 that we tested - is an excellent LCD TV. It offers a perfectly calibrated image, a high-performance image processing system and good brightness for HDR content. If the 65 inch version presents a good quality / price ratio compared to the Oled models, this is not the case of the 55 inch version whose price is too close to that of the Oled models.