Sony - Sony KD-55XG9505


KD-55XG9505: the new high-end LCD TV from Sony

Aprox. 990€

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Positive points

Perfect factory calibration.

Very good native contrast for a VA model.

Very good delay on display.

Well calibrated game mode.

Microphone built into the TV for hands-free voice control.

Fairly wide viewing angles for a VA model ...

Bad points

... but angles always more closed than on an Oled or IPS television.

Disappointing DCI-P3 coverage.

Blooming visible.

Only 60 backlight zones.

Our review


The Sony 55XG9505 TV - 55 inch version of the Sony 75XG9505 that we tested - is a very good LCD TV, but the limited number of backlight zones does not allow it to compete with the top players in the category like its big brother the Sony 65ZF9 or still the Samsung 75Q900R which display a light peak greater than 1,500 cd / m². This is now what is expected of a high-end LCD TV, a high brightness peak allowing it to stand out from the Oled TVs which dominate in all the other compartments of the display. The rest is excellent, with perfect calibration, good display delay, an finally smooth Android TV system and a practical hands-free voice control system.