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Taotronics SoundLiberty 53: very disappointing true wireless

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Taotronics has already created a surprise with its active noise reduction intras TT-EP01. The manufacturer also has references to true wireless, including the SoundLiberty 53. What can we expect from this model for less than 30 €?

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The essential to remember

We hosted the Taotronics SoundLiberty 53 in our labs during our "Looking for good true wireless headphones at less than € 60" folder. Reading this article will give you some context on this test and its condensed format.

The SoundLiberty 53 have the most rudimentary manufacturing quality. However, we did not notice any visible or internal defect during our test period in the headphones (incidentally IPX7 certified, resistant to water and temporary immersion). On the other hand, the hinge of the flap of the transport box does not seem at all solid: it is therefore advised to handle it gently. You might as well set the scene straight away: the experience of comfort is one of the only really positive points of this model. The headphones and their "branch" format nestle comfortably in the hollow of the ear, whether for big or small ears. The in-ear part brings a weak feeling of pressure, thus allowing to wear the earphones for long sessions. Unfortunately there is a "goal". The support is average, even with the most suitable pair of tips, the headphones tend to slip, which is all the more the case with humidity.

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The SoundLiberty 53 is clearly not the easiest to use true wireless. Despite the presence of audio, voice and light indications and a relatively complete command list (with the two headphones), it takes a good time to adjust to the allocation of touch controls. Problems arise when you need to pair a second device (or solve a pairing problem with your main device) since this model does not have any manual pairing mode. It took us a lot of patience to complete the operation correctly. Regarding the stability of wireless communication (Bluetooth 5.0, SBC and AAC codecs), we did not find any major problems during our test period. However, as often with this kind of product, the latency is far from negligible, even when passing through a mobile application natively compensating for part of the difference. The autonomy is far from incredible; according to our measurements, it is around 4 hours instead of the 5 hours promised. Small consolation: the case offers about 6 additional refills.

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The sound rendering offered by these SoundLiberty 53 is disappointing to say the least. The frequency response is certainly very wide, thus allowing to have deep bass and full treble, but that's all. This model opts for a very exaggerated V signature and very little mastered, especially in the second part of the spectrum. The two 6mm speakers struggle to contain the riot of energy from the subwoofer overload. We are faced with a very undefined mass of bass which is accompanied by a significant mask effect on the low mids / mids. It is thus very difficult to identify certain officiating elements in this zone, and even impossible on songs with an already subdued mix. The huge peak around 2 to 3 kHz and the extended response in the treble counterbalance without any subtlety this stream of bass by forcing enormously on the feeling of presence and air ... so much so that the rendering becomes aggressive very quickly even with a very wise listening volume. General sound inaccuracy and poor distortion management in mid / high mids are also the cause. Suffice to say that if you want to enjoy your music or any audio content in good conditions, do not count on them.

The essential to remember


No happy surprise with these SoundLiberty 53: these true wireless headphones are certainly comfortable and very affordable, but miss their subject on the rest. Better to go your way.