The best headphones

Which headset to buy? If you are looking for headphones, we present you the best headphones that you will find in the market that adapt to your needs and budget.

Focal - Focal Elear

Focal Elear

Focal Elear: 100% pleasure hi-fi headphones

Focal announced in the summer of 2016 the arrival of three headsets, two of which were new: the Elear and Utopia, the first to benefit from a 100% hi-fi approach from the French brand. We had already been impressed by the beautiful neutrality of the Listen, a headset yet nomadic, and as much to say it right away, the Elear is a real success.



Sennheiser - Sennheiser GSP 500

Sennheiser GSP 500

Sennheiser GSP 500 gaming headset: the king of spatialization

The GSP 500 is part of the new range of high-end gaming headsets from Sennheiser, also made up of its almost twin brother, the GSP 600. If the second is a closed headset, the first, which interests us here, is an open headset which promises therefore to exchange the excellent sound insulation of his brother for a larger sound reproduction. Let's see what it is.



Master Dynamic  - Master & Dynamic MH40

Master & Dynamic MH40

Master & Dynamic MH40: a soft and warm sound

The MH40 is quite difficult to pin down. Presented above all as a hi-fi headset by the New Yorkers of Master & Dynamic, it does, however, have more arguments for audiophiles and music lovers on the go. In addition to a quality sound experience, it promises rock-solid solidity thanks to the materials chosen with the greatest care. Let's see it all ...



Sennheiser - Sennheiser HD 800 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S: the return of the prodigal son

7 years after the release of its famous HD 800, Sennheiser has just launched a new version called HD 800 S. The changes are inside, with the integration of the latest in-house absorption technology which would allow improve both low-end and very high -frequency reproduction, while reducing masking effects. The HD 800 was already a very good headset, will the HD 800 S really be even better?



1More  - 1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver: subdued and controlled intras

After the Quad Driver, the first 1More in-ear headphones to enter our comparison, here are the Triple Driver. In addition to the Hi-Res Audio label affixed to their sides, the two models are the first headphones in the world to be THX certified. Behind this pageantry, the Quad Drivers revealed some great surprises - but what about their youngest?



Earsonics  - Earsonics ES3

Earsonics ES3

Earsonics ES3: immersion is its radius

The ES3 were designed by Earsonics to appeal to audiophiles and musicians looking for in-ear monitors at good value for money. This pair of Intras benefits from three proprietary transducers and is the spearhead of the ES range marketed since 2016.



1More  - 1More Quad Driver

1More Quad Driver

1More Quad Driver: flattering and attractive wired intras

Quad Drivers are the first intras from the American manufacturer 1More to enter our labs. To distinguish themselves, they rely on their 8 transducers (4 per intra), as well as Hi-Res Audio certifications and even more THX (which these intras are the first in the world to obtain, emphasizes the manufacturer). Apart from these marketing aspects, what are Quad Drivers worth in practice?



JBL - JBL Everest 710

JBL Everest 710

JBL Everest 710: bold wireless headphones

Launched at € 249, the Everest 710 belongs to the 2017 generation of mobile helmets at JBL and wants to position itself as the benchmark model for those seeking a comfort and listening experience of first choice. Dispensed with active noise reduction (unlike the Elite 750NC), these headphones also capitalize on its ShareMe 2.0 function, which would make it easy to share listening with another wireless headset. Let's find out what's in his stomach ...