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1More Triple Driver: subdued and controlled intras

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After the Quad Driver, the first 1More in-ear headphones to enter our comparison, here are the Triple Driver. In addition to the Hi-Res Audio label affixed to their sides, the two models are the first headphones in the world to be THX certified. Behind this pageantry, the Quad Drivers revealed some great surprises - but what about their youngest?

Our review


Like the Plantronics BackBeat Pro and BackBeat Pro 2 brothers, 1More's Triple and Quad Driver in-ear headphones are both very similar and very different. The chassis first of all still sports this masculine design, this time in a truncated turbine. The bodies, made of aluminum alloy, are connected to ribbed rubber cables which join the Y branch in a single braided cable, coated with kevlar. From the aesthetics worked to the quality of construction through the meticulous finishes and the obvious quality of the materials, everything exudes reliability and perfectionism; obviously nothing is left to chance.

The three-button remote control, perfectly positioned near the oval of the face, delivers iOS and Android compatibility as promised. All the useful commands are available, from music navigation (play / pause / next / previous song) to call management (off-hook / off-hook / refusal), of course, by adjusting the volume and calling the friend. Siri or Google Assistant, depending on your religion.

The Triple Drivers offer a palette of accessories just as rich and complete as the Quads. In the box (also neatly nested and decorated with flags), there is therefore a rigid storage case struck with the seal of the brand, no less than 8 pairs of tips (5 in silicone, 3 in memory foam), a clamp to hold the cable and an airplane adapter. Suffice to say that at this price, half less than that at which Quad Drivers are sold, it is extremely rare and appreciable to observe such quality and exhaustiveness.

Comfort and support are both excellent, the Triple Drivers causing neither discomfort nor relaxation. The passive insulation they offer is also very good, especially of course with the memory foam tips. We only regret that the mini-jack is not bent, which would have guaranteed better durability over time.



Despite extensive research and many questions asked of the manufacturer, it was unfortunately impossible for us to know the criteria charter which a product must meet to obtain the famous THX certification. Regardless of these considerations, here's what we thought of their acoustic performance.

Despite a slightly uneven frequency response, it should be noted at the outset that we can clearly see not only all the frequency ranges, but also the different layers of the mix - the protagonist, the supporting roles, and all the extras. Responsiveness is good, in both extremes. In the first part of the spectrum, the Triple Drivers deliver bass whose extinction transients certainly suffer from a very slight inertia due to their relative overweight, but remain dynamic and clean, almost nervous. So when we talk about being overweight, let us be clear: if the Triple Drivers certainly have a tendency to flatter the bottom of the spectrum, there is nothing grotesque or unbalanced. They can be described as subdued but subdued tendencies.

The treble is also present and detailed, providing the mix with an acceptable dose of air - we will not go so far as to say that they offer a crystalline rendering - without ever generating sibilance. Far from a V response, the 1More Triple Drivers are also very active in the mid frequencies. On the other hand, it is on this multicolored range that they receive some criticisms: the point of distortion, certainly very common between 1 and 2 kHz among the in-ear and completely contained (less than 0.5%), combined with the boost that one perceives on the frequency response followed by a dip, can cause a sometimes garish and nasal rendering on certain content (guitar casseroles, very compressed voices, trumpets ...). Finally, the stereophonic field unfolds in a very wide and precise manner, which, combined with the very good passive insulation and the flattery of the bass, creates a very beautiful feeling of immersion.



The Triple Drivers from 1More offer excellent value for money, combining reliable construction, beautiful and robust materials, complete accessories and controls (compatible with iOS and Android), excellent comfort and very good quality of sound reproduction. We only deplore slightly garish midrange, and an un angled mini-jack.