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1More Quad Driver: flattering and attractive wired intras

Aprox. 150€ - see price -

Quad Drivers are the first intras from the American manufacturer 1More to enter our labs. To distinguish themselves, they rely on their 8 transducers (4 per intra), as well as Hi-Res Audio certifications and even more THX (which these intras are the first in the world to obtain, emphasizes the manufacturer). Apart from these marketing aspects, what are Quad Drivers worth in practice?

Our review


The 1More Quad Drivers benefit from a very good manufacturing quality, there is no doubt about it. The turbine-shaped intras are protected by a robust metal frame. During our test period, we did not observe any problems or faults. Even if they do not promise any particular resistance, we have been able to use them in sports practice on several occasions. The finishes are also neat; if it is not the very fine junction between the two parts which constitute the chassis, no assembly mark is visible. We also appreciate the "brushed metal" aspect of the visible part of the intras which, in addition to being pleasant to the touch, is insensitive to fingerprints. A rigid leather pouch with magnetic closure is there to best protect the Quad Drivers during their transport.

As you can see on the visuals, the tip part is oriented at 45 ° to the intra part. Many tips are provided: 3 pairs of memory foam tips and no less than 6 pairs of silicone tips, all of different sizes to find the size most suited to its morphology. The combination of all these elements ensures both simple and pleasant insertion into the duct, good support and, as a bonus, very correct passive insulation. Although the Quad Drivers from 1More are neither the most discreet nor the most compact on the market, they are still relatively light and are not very intrusive: no problem carrying them for several hours. If by chance you wanted to fix the cable on a piece of clothing and / or limit the solid-state transmissions as much as possible (contact noise and friction on the cable at the level of the intras), a clamp is delivered.

Each intra is connected by a braided cable covered with a thick anti-tangle sheath. Because of its somewhat rigid design, it tends to keep its original shape during the first listening. Fortunately, it softens a little over the uses and you will thus have an easier time taming it. This cable ends with a 3.5 mm metal mini-jack connector associated with a flexible rubber base. The set stands out for its solidity and also for its angled orientation, which limits excessive twisting and the possible risk of premature breakage. To complete the loop, an airplane adapter is provided as well as a mini-jack to 6.35mm jack adapter. We therefore lack nothing with this pair of intras!

The observation is very good with regard to the integrated remote control. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices - a fact rare enough to point out. Most important controls are present: volume management, calls, playback, navigation between tracks (no previous track on Android) and activation of the personal voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant ...). To facilitate its use and the identification of the buttons, the central button has a slightly different shape from the other two (concave instead of convex).

Finally, the on-board microphone does a very good job of capturing. The signal is clean, precise and the timbre of the voice is well respected. In the vast majority of situations, the voice detaches itself very well from the surrounding noises thanks to the good placement and the proximity of the remote control / microphone. There is therefore no need to reconcile it manually.



The 1More Quad Driver offers a great listening experience. We particularly appreciate the precision and the detailed aspect of the sound rendering, even if it is quite colorful.

Let's be direct: Quad Drivers may disappoint you if you are allergic to high-boosted midrange. Indeed, they favor this zone, which exaggerates the feeling of clarity, the sharp aspect and the harmonics of very many elements. For example, the metallic side of the strings and the attack of the pick are really highlighted on folk guitars. We also note this on the friction of the strings (violins and cellos), as well as on the attack of the sticks on the cymbals (the hi-hat, in particular). The coloring of Quad Drivers is all the more obvious on saturated electric guitars, because they are very rich in harmonics. The voices are also affected: they seem much clearer than usual and the wheezes stand out more frankly. This boost still has the merit of remaining musical and quite ample, even if human hearing is very sensitive in this area.

With regard to the other frequency regions, there is not much to say. The very wide character of the frequency response is appreciable. The bass is deep, homogeneous and well defined, even if we perceive a warm and round tendency brought by overweight in the bass. On the other side of the audible spectrum, the treble and extreme treble are there. The scene unfolds naturally and it is well ventilated. We can easily distinguish its different strata and the elements that compose it. In addition, the good reactivity of the membranes and the very low distortion provide good precision over the entire audible spectrum.

1More Quad Drivers are not the most sensitive on the market, but can be easily powered by many mobile devices, even smartphones. Indeed, this model requires 150 mVrms to reach 94 dB. To give you an idea, the RHA T20 and CL1 Ceramic need 250 mVrms, the Meze 12 Classics require 260 mVrms, the Optoma NuForce HEM2 need only 63 mVrms and the Taotronics TT-EP01 claim 150 mVrms for reach the same threshold.



The Quad Drivers are a nice surprise. Almost impeccable in terms of ergonomics and accessories, these intras are powerful in the field of sound. The sound rendering is precise, detailed and the frequency response is extended. It is however necessary to make with a marked coloring in the high mediums which, according to your sensitivity and / or your preferences, can constitute an obstacle to the purchase. A little try is therefore essential before succumbing.