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Earsonics ES3: immersion is its radius

Aprox. 399€ - see price -

The ES3 were designed by Earsonics to appeal to audiophiles and musicians looking for in-ear monitors at good value for money. This pair of Intras benefits from three proprietary transducers and is the spearhead of the ES range marketed since 2016.

Our review


Earsonics has chosen a particularly classic look for its ES3: we find the two intras dressed in a shiny black dress. Both solid and light, during our test month, between cold, heat and humidity, the intras did not move a bit. And if we put aside the visible screw on each chassis, certainly integrated there to facilitate a possible repair, the finishes are well done.

The intras, the cleaning kit and the 5 pairs of tips can be stored in the small semi-rigid carrying pouch provided.

The ES3s are connected via a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector. The braided cable, which contributes just like the angled connector to the solidity of the whole, is surrounded by three sheaths: two to form the cable behind each ear and a last to tighten more or less the Y. Another interesting detail, each intra can be detached from the cable using a proprietary connector.

There is little to complain about in terms of comfort. Once the right tips are installed and the two sheaths are well formed around the roof, the ES3 naturally find their way into the ear and stay in place, without being too intrusive. Obviously, if you are not used to this type of intra, a little time of adaptation will be necessary. The lightness of the chassis also plays in their favor, especially during long listening sessions. Finally, the passive insulation they provide is very good, even excellent with shape memory tips.



Even if the ES3 seek to conquer a wider audience, their sound signature remains relatively anchored in the professional world by being particularly gentle. Here, it is the memory foam tips that deliver the most interesting sound.

This model has serious advantages for lovers of flattered and deep bass. In fact, ES3 gives pride of place to the first third of the spectrum, which allows the listener to enjoy a solid feeling of pressure and sitting on elements like the bass drum, the tom tom, the bass or again the double bass. More pleasant and precise than that observed during the Earsonics Velvet test, the behavior of these intras is not yet exemplary, however. The upper frequency zones are better off and more balanced, offering voices, violins, guitars and many other sources better clarity and good intelligibility, even more obvious with the memory foam tips. As often on this format of intras, the treble / extreme treble are more behind, but here are far from being as erased as on some models of the genre, really oriented pro. This gives the whole a slightly softer appearance, without being deaf.

Without being surgical, the Earsonics ES3 offer a wide soundstage and good separation of sources, whether in width or in depth. The sound immersion is really a plus on this model, the result of a happy mix between seat, good spatial width and effective passive insulation.

Nothing to say about the distortion, very well controlled. With 110 mV to reach 94 dB, the ES3 show good sensitivity and can be used without problem with most sources, even nomads.



Even if they take a step towards the general public, the ES3 keep a certain professional sound leg and that's good. Manufacturing quality and comfort are at the rendezvous. The sound rendering delivered, colorful, but controlled, offers a nice sound immersion. However, if you are sensitive or do not like the bass pressure too much, other models will be better suited.