The best headphones for less than $100

Which headset to buy for less than 100 dollars? If you are looking for headphones, we present you the best headphones for less than 100 that you will find in the market that suit to your needs and budget.

1More  - 1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver: subdued and controlled intras

After the Quad Driver, the first 1More in-ear headphones to enter our comparison, here are the Triple Driver. In addition to the Hi-Res Audio label affixed to their sides, the two models are the first headphones in the world to be THX certified. Behind this pageantry, the Quad Drivers revealed some great surprises - but what about their youngest?



Marshall  - Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Marshall Major III Bluetooth headset: mixed developments

The Major is undoubtedly the most popular helmet from Marshall, and one of the few that has been able to boast of competing with Beats in terms of popularity. If, like his rival, his first models had not convinced us, Marshall (that is to say Zound Industries) has raised the bar, especially with the Major II Bluetooth. Let's discover together what the III has in store for us ...



Logitech - Logitech G433

Logitech G433

Logitech G433: one more wire, less audio qualities

Logitech had impressed us with the performance of its latest wireless gaming headset, the G533, which however suffered from limited usage possibilities due to the total lack of wired connectivity. Here now comes the G433, which Logitech promises us to use the same transducers, this time assembled in a more traditional wired headset - still supplied with a mini USB sound card ensuring compatibility with the 7.1 virtual DTS Headphone: X.



Urbanears  - Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth

Nomad headset Plattan 2 Bluetooth: the Plattan 2, with Bluetooth

From the bestseller that was the first Plattan, which had received the rare and very poor rating of a star, to the Plattan 2, hailed with a respectable three stars, Urbanears knew how to question itself and learn from it - in terms of audio in particular. Free of its thread, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth promises of course the freedom of wireless, but also a sound reproduction revised upwards.



Soundmagic  - Soundmagic E10

Soundmagic E10

E10, intras to listen to in peace

This is certainly not a novelty that we offer you today, but a product which, due to its great popularity, was sorely lacking in our comparison of in-ear headphones. The famous SoundMagic E10 promise a sound that is both bass and detailed (a V-shaped signature, what), solid construction, comfortable wearing, all packed in an unbeatable price - in short, the recipe for success. But there is no coinage that fits on our test bench: what are the E10 really worth?



Urbanears  - Urbanears Plattan 2

Urbanears Plattan 2

Urbanears Plattan 2: a Plattanic love

There he is, the Plattan 2, the successor to the successful Urbanears helmet, the one that had left its mark on the most disappointing experience ever lived in our laboratories. According to the manufacturer, this second iteration has benefited from many improvements, particularly in terms of hinges, pads and, above all, frequency response! Will he be missing the mark again?