JBL E25BT: Bluetooth intras that get straight to the point

Aprox. 44€ - see price -

The JBL E25BT is the first cousin of the recently tested E45BT helmet. This Bluetooth intras model launched at less than 70 € wants to offer essential functions while promising “impressive” sound. Impressive, it certainly is, but not in the best way.

Our review


The listening experience offered by the E25BTs is just fine. The sound rendering in V is very flattering but lacks control, especially in the first part of the spectrum.

It is in this region that the E25BT intras are fishing: they swell the low / low extremes too much, and the membranes get carried away after each attack. This combination gives the bass a look that is both windy, boomy and "chewing gum". We are faced with a complex mass to decipher. The instruments that operate particularly in this register - we especially think of bass drums, toms, bass and double bass, for example, but the effect is also audible on instruments like the piano or the cello - are very difficult to detach from each other. This phenomenon becomes a real problem if you are used to listening to very warm songs, or very bass-oriented, or simply if you are sensitive to enlarged bass.

Not everything is to be thrown away. The second part of the spectrum is more readable, more detailed and better defined, although again devoid of subtlety in the sound signature. The clear revival in the high mids / highs pushes the feeling of clarity, the cutting edge of the sound and the brilliance. The very correct precision in this region and the extensive highlighting avoid suffering too aggressive sound rendering. The intelligibility of the voices is ensured in all circumstances, even if we would have liked them warmer, with more chest. The wheezes are calm enough.

The JBL E25BT deliver a good stereophonic image. Although the second plan in the center of the scene often seems blocked because of the prominence and the behavior of the bass, we still benefit from a good stereo width and a reading deep enough to perceive certain details on the sides. The wide response in acute extremes and the very suitable precision clearly contribute to this.

Nothing to report in particular on the side of the distortion. It remains low over the entire audible spectrum, even at a high listening level (for information, our measurement is performed at 94 dB SPL).

There is more to say about communication latency. With the JBL E25BT, we clearly perceive a difference between sound and image, even when certain mobile applications compensate for part of this delay in Bluetooth connection. If you are not particularly sensitive to it, you will be able to follow your content without too much embarrassment, but we still recommend that you compensate for this delay if your reader allows it.



Launched at a relatively moderate price (less than 70 €), the JBL E25BT Bluetooth intras do the job, but little more. They differ in no aspect, no more the experience of comfort or use than the sound performance.