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Anker Soundcore Life P2: honest true wireless for less than 60 €

Aprox. 59€ - see price -

With already 8 models to its credit, Soundcore (Anker) is not idle to make a place for itself in the world of true wireless. Here we test the Life P2, one of the most popular products of the brand and among the cheapest on the market.

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We have hosted the Soundcore Life P2 in our labs to answer the question: are there any good true wireless headphones for less than € 60? Reading this article will give you some context on this test and its condensed format.

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The Life P2 of Soundcore (Anker) display a “branch” design which is reminiscent of the famous AirPods, with in-ear tips. This model is one of the most affordable of the brand (launched at less than 60 €) and the manufacturing quality remains very honest for this price. It also benefits from increased water resistance (IPX7). Only downside of a practical nature: the transport case is a little big and heavy. In terms of comfort, the Life P2s do their job well. They easily find their place in the hollow of the roof and at the entrance to the ear canal (the “branch” format helps greatly) and they stay in place. The feeling of pressure at the level of the duct is present, but very largely bearable: a good point for long sessions of use. 4 pairs of earpieces of different sizes are provided to provide good comfort for most body shapes.

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Life P2s rely on the good old physical buttons. There is a single button on each earpiece, easily identifiable and reliable, even if they are a little hard to operate. Apart from the lack of volume control, the controls are relatively complete. Many indications are there to guide the user. Regulars of true wireless will quickly find their marks. The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.0 (SBC, AAC and aptX codecs) with the possibility of using each earpiece solo (and even pairing each one to a different device), unfortunately without monophonic summation. We haven't noticed any major connection stability issues, however, the latency is particularly high here. Even when going through smartphone applications compensating for a certain part of the latency, a noticeable difference between sound and image is noticeable (totally unacceptable outside of this use). Nothing to complain about in terms of autonomy since the Life P2 offer about 7 hours of use per charge (about 4 additional recharges with the case).

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You shouldn't really expect incredible performances, but the Life P2s are still doing a minimum as long as you stay wise on the listening volume. The frequency response is very wide, but still colorful. The highlight in the low extremes is a bit excessive, but we benefit at least from a good depth and a solid seat. The definition of bass is correct to say the least and there is no unacceptable mask effect. Do not expect surgical precision. The treatment reserved for the second part of the spectrum is the most critical point. There is indeed a very frank boost of high mids / highs, which has the advantage of providing a very good sound presence as well as a very energetic and sharp aspect to the sound. This signature, combined with a perfectible management of the distortion, unfortunately has a major drawback in return since it gives an “acid” and “spicy” side to the treble. This is particularly audible on songs rich in harmonics and certain sources such as vocals and saturated electric guitars, shakers or cymbals. It is therefore difficult to be at a comfortable listening volume without significantly accelerating hearing fatigue. The reproduction of the stereo scene is very satisfactory.

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The Life P2s humbly fulfill their mission and timidly take down the third star. Their ergonomics are very honest and the sound performance is just correct, provided you do not force the listening volume. If you have a very limited budget, we advise you to turn to the JBL Tune 120TWS. They are certainly a bit more expensive, but they offer a much better controlled and more pleasant sound rendering.