Samsung - Samsung QE55Q85R


Samsung QE55Q85R: the Qled Full Led LCD TV gets even better

Aprox. 1290€

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Positive points

Brightness peak in HDR.

Image quality in SDR mode.

Anti-reflective filter.

Remote control with hands-free microphone.

Remote box ideal for wall installation.

Bad points

Perfectible HDR calibration.

Impressive external housing.

Blooming reduced, but still visible.

Our review


The Samsung QE55Q85R - 55 inch version of the Samsung QE65Q85R that we tested - is a very good TV. The fifth star is just missing due to the lack of precision in HDR (EOTF, Delta E and color coverage), but for the rest, it's almost flawless. The Q85R is a very good alternative to Oled televisions (LG 55C8 and Panasonic TX-55FZ800), in particular thanks to its ease of integrating into a bright environment (anti-glare filter and peak of brightness) and of being installed on the wall.